Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

    1) Thank you all greatly for taking the time to respond to my plea for advice :)  It was very helpful and I'm feeling optimistic about being back to pain free soon :D  I actually felt no pain at anytime today (so far, hopefully I didn't jinx myself)

      From your comments and some research I did, here is a list of possible causes for my knee pain:
    ~ I have extremely high arches
    ~  Although I'd like to think I have decent quad muscles, I also think my hamstrings/glutes are a lot stronger and could be causing an imbalance
    ~ I'm not big on stretching nor am I terribly flexible, so tightness could be a factor.
    ~ Or as Nelly pointed out, I ran that first mile (in which the pain first surfaced immediately after) too damn fast without warming up and strained something.

       All of the above have pretty straight forward solutions which I will be incorporating into my training.  And will hopefully keep me running.

    2) Necessity is the mother of invention. 
      Necessity~ I have not a drop of wine in the house right now.
      Invention~ I've decided there is a great need for a company that delivers wine/beer/alcohol in the same fashion as Pizza and Chinese delivery.  Who wants to jump on the opportunity to get in on this at ground level with me :)
    If you live in Toronto, you're in luck.

    3) Nolan gladly took over the position of Ryders sunglass model since Matt refused:

    He's gonna be trouble in a few years. 
    (Kidding :), despite the punky faces he's the bestest :D)
    Also, I think he stole SkinnyRunner's sunglass pose

    Last chance to enter for your own pair here, giveaway ends tomorrow night.

    A) These were spotted throughout the MS I subbed in today:
    This one was a HUGE post-it in the teacher's lounge.
    They were also all over the bathrooms.
    You may remember I did my own here.

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Three Things Thursday

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