Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Dance II A Tango in the Red Light District

    I have always loved Baz Lurhman's "Moulin Rogue". It provided such a beautiful and cinematic approach to the mystery of the infamous Moulin Rouge.

    El Tango de Roxanne is a dance that I had always looked forward to in the film and it is also one of the musical numbers that, in my opinion, was the most powerful. I love the passion of the dance and the meaning of the song in parallel to the confusing and difficult forbidden love story between Satine & Christian.

    The violin provided such a beautiful flow of raw emotion and becomes the highlight when the song goes into a climax at the end. The sound of the dancers moving around on the wooden floor emphasized the dance, especially in the part where there are numerous couples dancing and their footsteps are synchronized, you can hear how the sounds all blend well together.

    Hope you enjoy the clip! :)

    Moulin Rouge
    El Tango de Roxanne

    Note: This is not my video.

    ~ Krisan

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Dance II A Tango in the Red Light District

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