Monday, May 16, 2011

Fashion II Spectrum of Tribal Future

    Fashion Week.

    Holiday 2011.

    There are so many trends that came out and one of my favorites were the futuristic tribal.

    You have futuristic and you have tribal. They are two extremely contrasting themes, but when put together they create a whole new world of possibilities.

    The Tsolmandakh Munkhuu Fall 2011 collection for women is dramatic. The designs were inspired by the designer's roots. Though she resides in the City of Lights--Paris-- she stuck to her roots of Mongolian and Buddhist culture for a fusion of innovative ideas. She combines tribal with futuristic to create a vision that is unlike any of the other collections put out in the season.

    She used a wide variation of patterns, shapes and textures with a collection pre-dominantly black.

    The silhouettes were intersting and over the top but, contemporary and subtle as well. Perfect for those fashion-foward urban audiences.

    All the shoes and the silhouettes are to die for. The way the materials were used to create interesting effects were innovative and creative. The subtlety of the fusion of fabrics embroidery and what nots make the pieces worth a second or third look.

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Fashion II Spectrum of Tribal Future

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