Monday, March 7, 2011

Bikini Body Move #7- Flexed Arm Hanging Knee Raises

        That's a mouthful, but as you can deduce from the name this move involves Hanging Knee Raises done in a Flexed Arm Hang position.

       I started doing these a few weeks ago when Zuzana posted an exercise challenge that consisted of 50 hanging knee raises.  I got them done but it KILLED my armpit area and it was difficult to keep from swinging to much in that position.

       While doing some pull-up work and getting my flexed arm hang on, I decided to add in the knee raises and it solved all my problems. No sore armpits, minimal swinging AND I am getting my arm and ab work in at the same time :D  I also find it kind of fun and hop on my pull-up bar throughout the day to bust out some sets :)


    I really dislike most youtube thumbnails, but whatev :)

     Also I'm gonna solicite votes one more time :) and I'm putting it on this post because these are some of my more fitness informative posts.  

       If you like my blog, please nominate it here to be on the Women's Health Blogroll for the fitness category :D  I'd love to put it on my Personal Trainer resume!

    Thank you so much! Also you can nominate as many as you want, so you can vote for all your faves :)

    Today's Workout
    *HITT ~ .5 warm up/ Minutes 6-18: 12% incline, alternating 1:15 @ 3.0/ 1:00 @ 7.0-7.2/ 1.5 cool down    TOTAL: 3 miles
    *Resistance stuff later (already did 50 + FlexedAHKRaises)

    Song on repeat:  As heard in the above video ~ All of the Lights- Kanye West ft. Rihanna, Kid Cudi  (It's got a Rocky-ish feel to it :)

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Bikini Body Move #7- Flexed Arm Hanging Knee Raises

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