Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Costume II Burlesque Fantasies

    I heard my two friends going on and on about Burlesque, but I wasn't completely sold on watching the film. All I knew about the film was that Cher and Christina Aguilera were in the film together.

    I watched it anyway for my curiousity got the better of me.

    Now that I've seen it, I love the costumes that were there. It was a cross between Moulin Rogue and Chicago + the Pussycat Dolls in one.

    At the beginning I was disappointed with the clothing that was picked out for Christina, since she was a country girl and all, but that all changed once she arrived at the burlesque theatre. The clothing were all short, tight and glammed up.

    The mistake many people make with burlesque is that its just sexy dancing on stage... but , the dancing itself separates itself from the cheap and crude dancing of those other bars. The costumes may be quite similar but the end of the whole performance is to entertain and not to sell themselves.

    And from that perspective, I love the corsets and lingerie they had used in the movie. Most of the colors they went with were more nudes, blush pinks, cremes, whites and blacks. This is to emphasize the sensuality of the dance and the performers on stage. It is difficult to leave out the costumes of the men as well. Apart from the more modernized clothing of bartenders and in-house musicians, they helped set the mood of the "intimate" atmosphere with their bowler hats and suspenders.

    Their make-up , on the otherhand, was styled in the 1930's -1940's style. Well styled hair, red lips and eyeliner PLUS false lashes and more for the stage. Its perfect that their faces look classic in contrast to some of their musical numbers. It also lends the the show a sense of nostalgia and sensuality as well.

    In a luxurious pearl beaded brassiere with matching underwear + the feathered fans

    A satin blush pink corset studded with rhinestones and a feathered hoop skirt + studded pumps

    A lime green corset off-shouldered satin dress

    My favorite outfits from the movie were the ones from
    (1) "I'm a Good Girl" Number (second picture) - its a fun and playful piece to wear
    (2) Nikki's Beaded Bodysuit for her solo number - its a whole bodysuit that is see through save for the beaded areas that creatively cover what needs to be covered
    (3) The costumes of the "Express" number - all rhinestones, champagne and so many different style

    Ah...feathers, rhinestones, lace...watch "Burlesque" to see more!

    ~ Krisan

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Costume II Burlesque Fantasies

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