Wednesday, March 30, 2011


        I was hoping to report back after a few days rest with no knee pain and lots of sunshine and roses.  No such luck :(  I really don't have the luxury of going to a sport's doctor right now so I'm gonna go the inadvisable route of posting the specifics of my injury here and asking for suggestions.  Obviously no one here is a doctor (that I know of), but maybe one or some of you have had the same issue before and can lead me in the right direction.

    Here is what I did last week and how it affected my knee:
    - First felt pain 1 mile into my easy/medium 3 mile run last Tuesday, I ran the first mile a little too fast in 6:13 and hadn't warmed up at all.  (I ran a 6:13 bc I tried to start out at a cruise pace, looked at my garmin 1/2 mile in and saw 3:06. I then thought, "well, lets see what time I can finish this mile in."  As soon as I started mile 2 (way slower), knee pain :/
    - Wednesday I took off
    - Thursday I ran stairs for 25 minutes and felt no pain.
    - Friday I ran on the treadmill, felt pain 1 mile in and stopped at 2
    - Saturday 4-miler same thing, right at the 1 mile mark inner knee pain came back. I finished the 4, but haven't run since Sat.

      The pain is on inner-topish part and it does seem to swell out a bit, it is definitely more lumpy than the right side (after running)

       During the 3 days I took off from running I felt scattered knee pain.  The worst times were when I sat in the car (passenger) for 15-20 minutes and walking after that was painful for a while.  A lot of the time though I was fine.  I've been icing daily.  I haven't even been doing my planks (I've been afraid of the rigid straight position of the leg, but It'll probably be fine)  or other ab/arm exercises because most of them still involve the knee to some degree.

    Nighttime Abs/Arms have been replaced with:
    Wine is probably not the best recovery drink, but it makes me feel better temporarily ;)
      I'm getting back to abs/arms tonight, there are plenty of moves I can still do.  I've just been using my knee as an excuse to be lazy.  3 days off though and I'm feeling very soft so no more excuses.

        Someone suggested that it could possibly be Plica Syndrome.  I've looked into this and it is a definite possibility.  Has anyone here had experience with Plica?

       I ran 2 miles today to test things out; the first mile I felt very mild pain, the second mile it hurt more, but I noticed if I landed lightly on my toe and pushed off quickly I had little to no pain.  This of course means I am running at a much faster clip. After the run my knee had irritation and side of my left knee was significantly bigger than my right.   I've taken an anti-inflammatory and iced since finishing my run.

     This is totally bumming me out right now 'cause the temps are just starting to warm up, racing season is here and I am ready to crush some PRs

        Any insight on what could be causing my knee pain is appreciated :)

     On a happy/funny note: One of the search terms to my blog was "pics of 3k run pros" which led to my Self Indulgent Pre Race Pics.  Sure I'll consider myself a 3k pro, why not? :)

        And if you haven't entered my Ryders Sunnies Giveaway yet you have till Midnight Friday :D  I'm loving checking out all the awesome styles you guys like.  There seems to be a high preference for Hot Pink, I'm a fan :)  I'm just sad that I can only pick one winner : /

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