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    Chic Simplicity. The minimalism trend has popped up all over the runways and is definitely a must-have look for this Spring and Summer. Originally from the 90's, this trend is all about acheiving a look that is soft, feminine, poetic, and never over the top. The concept seems so simple, but creating a minimalist look can be really tricky. Remember: There is a fine line between minimal and boring. But there's no need to worry, there are plenty of ways to play around with different style elements within the minimalist look! Heres a few key points and tips on how to have fun while dressing like a minimalist:

    1.) THE COLORS: light colors are key when trying to acheive the look of minimalism. You can choose variations of nudes or whites for your outfit, but don't be afraid to mix in other light colors! Pastels or light watercolors can be paired with nudes/whites and still look minimalist.

    Image source: ShoppingLifestyle

    Kate Bosworth's combination of plain white crewneck with a mint-green skirt adds a subtle twist to this trend.

    Image source: BCBG

    BCBG Max Azria added strips of color to the Spring 2011 line while still giving off the vibe of minimalism

    2.) SILOUHETTE: clean lines and a casual silhouette are two important factors in the minimalist trend. The idea is to look laid-back and pretty, without looking messy.

    Image Source: MyFashBlog

    3. THE ACCESSORIES: since the clothing part of the minimalism look is very clean and simple, anything can go when it comes to accessorizing. Shoe-wise, two strap sandals like the ones pictured below maintain the clean lines through out your whole outfit. If your outfit is all white or nude, you can add bits of color with your accessories.
    Image source: LuckyMag
    Image source: Avante-Guard

    In this pictuer Kate Bosworth adds a little color with her shoes, mastering the minimalist look again. Using the basic tips about minimalism, anyone can master this look!

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