Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Costume II ElecTRONic

    I had no idea what the story of Tron was, but I had been able to catch the very first few teaser trailers they were releasing late 2009. All I knew about Tron was that it was based on a video game and that it was futuristic.

    I was in Los Angeles and Tron had just began showing, so i went with my cousins and watched Tron in 3D. I didn't really expect much since I wasn't a big fan of the video game, but after watching the film I really appreciated the work that was put into it.

    The concept for the costumes were interesting, especially for the other programs that existed in the Tron World. My favorite would be Siren Gem's outfit, she is one of the girls dressed in white who changed Sam, because it was white. Her whole concept of having light hair went well since there was a stark contrast to the dark outfit and dark hair Quorra had.

    I also liked how the costumes had a certain consistency. Though I am not be able to find any stills of the other costumes, I found the white outfits were visually stunning. The reason being, body fit white costumes are not as frequently seen as compared to black ones. Also the costume designer, Christine Clark, played around the futuristic idea by creating plastic hoods and similar jackets and skirts. It made the movie more visually stunning, especially when the background, music and cinematography come into play.

    Another aspect of the costumes that I found fascinating were the fact that it would light up. This definitely gave the outfits a more "electronic" feel to it. It definitely looks way cooler!

    TRON Costume Study

    TRON Zeus Costume Study

    TRON Siren Gem Costume

    Siren Gem

    TRON Poster


    Quorra Armour

    Quorra and Sam

    Sam Flynn

    Castor / Zuse

    I've researched a bit and each of the lights on the costumes of each character follows a certain circuity. There are white, red , orange and blue circuits, perhaps more, but then again I am not entirely sure. The important thing is that they make the costumes come alive.

    Make Up wise, especially those wearing white, it was kept very clean and very contrasted. Siren Gem's eyes were intense lined in black in comparison to her light hair, flawless skin and pristine white clothing. Dark eyes, Flawless even skin and an almost pale lip were the overall look for the film, with the exception of Castor/Zuse who wore blue on his eyes.

    Hairstyles were kept very minimalistic and clean, the Sirens wore high buns while the other girls had sleek cut bobs and pixie cuts.

    After Tron had made it's way to theatres there had been Tron-inspired pieces making it's way to fashion. In fact, Versace had made a collection that had the overall concept of Tron, including the similar cuttings in the clothing design in replacement for the light that the costumes had.


    Other designers also paid homage to the movie and created their own pieces.

    Edmund Castillo
    LED Light Up Sandals

    Jerome Rosseau

    Hayden Harnett

    Tom tom

    I doubt that this will be the last we will see of the futuristic fashions~


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Costume II ElecTRONic

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