Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things Are Looking Up

        I had a kinda off week the past 7 days.  I know everyone and their uncle is complaining about the cold weather so I won't say much but . . . jumping up to 70° then back down to 20's-30's I do not so much like.  And as I mentioned last post spring allergies are in full affect.

      The whole week has just been blahh for me and I am determined to make this week much happier :)

    Yuppp things are looking better already :D
      Thank You  Jim from 50 after 40!!!    I have a feeling it is going to be a GREAT week :)

        Thank you also to Mary from Fit This Girl for posting my St. P-day race pic :D  Love what she wrote about inspiring others and acting on inspiration!

         Ohh also I did my push-ups yesterday, last test for Michelle's challenge.   I got a repeat of last week: 27. . . and mannn was a shaky afterwards.  I'm going to give 30 another go on the last of the month.   I haven't been doing the 100 push-up program for sometime now, but I think imma get on that once we get back from Disney (3 weeks!).

      Going to get my last cupcake miles in, hope everyone is having a super fantastic Saturday!!

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Things Are Looking Up

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