Tuesday, March 1, 2011

You Win Some, You Lose Some

       First off, here is what I wrote for my Feb goals/plans (and how I did next to it):

    Some Plans For February

    * 3k indoor race.  I posted that I would LOVE to go sub 11, but I'd be psyched with sub 12.  I need to be realistic with my goals.   That gets a check for being very close to 12 :D

    * I'm participating in Jogging with Fiction's Bake Sale Auction this Saturday.  I will be making Conversation Heart Cake Pops,  money raised goes towards Kisses From Katie. Loved this 

    * Find some races for March and April I'll post them below in March goals

    * Increase my mileage in prep for May 1st Half Mary  ✔ I didn't count/track my exact miles for Jan., but I had 67 for Feb. and that might just be double what I had for Jan.  Longest runs: 2-8 milers 1-10 miler

    * Reach 118 lbs.   I could have been there by now, but I haven't been doing the things I need to in order to get there.  The major hurdle being I drink too much.  This obviously isn't good for any of my goals and cutting it out will be a major focus for February. 
         Right  now I'm sitting at 122-124 (123 this morning), so 5lbs  in a month is completely do-able.   - I'll call it a draw, still at 122, happy I maintained.  The beginning of Feb (and even half way through) I still drank to much.  I'm ready to smash this goal though :) More on this in it's own post prob.

    * Continue to increase my push-ups and chin-ups (assisted for now).  Push-up goal for Feb: 30 - Ehh this would be a "lose some," I slacked on the push-ups.  It is really hard for me to get over the 20-22 hump.

    * Improve my writing.  I cringe sometimes when I go back and read some of my posts.  The best way to become a better writer is to write, but I'm also going to do some reading and reflecting on writing :) - This one is hard to measure, but you are all still here (and some)  :D

    Other things that happened in February:
     ~Burpee contest- I finished with 23 and I'm ok with that :)
     ~Picked up my brand new bike- unfortunately I have not gotten a chance to ride it yet, that is why there have been no pics, SOON though :D
    ~ Finally got my first swim in on Friday and  am very excited to start swimming more!

    AND. . .
    I Got Some Pretty Awesome Mail this past month:

        On Saturday I received the Aerobars from Austin's Pay It Forward Giveaway, and was really excited :D  BUT since I still have to learn how to ride my bike without Aerobars first, Nol and I were EVEN MORE excited about these: 

    Thanks Austin!!

      I also recently received my Chicked Sticker from Jamoosh and promptly stuck it on the back on my training journal:
    LOVE it!
    (Thanks Vinny for the flip tip :)

    Next up, I won Bonk Breakers Bars in a Kovas Contest:
    They are PB&J Flavored and awesome, I highly recommend :)

       BIG Shout out to Jury, who participated in a stair climb on Sunday and ROCKED IT :D

    I meant to get to March goals in here, but that will have to wait till later/tomorrow.

    Today's Training:
    -BodyRock.TV's The Trainer Who Loved Me, but I cut it in half and did 30 reps of each as opposed to 60
    - 3 mile run; 8:20/ 6:45/ 8:20

      Yesterday I ended up taking a rest day (except for a ton of nighttime Ab work), first one in a while.

    Workout Song of the Day: "Sail" ~ AWOLNATION -  On repeat all day :)

    Sorry for the length, I have a lot I want to get down in the next few days :)

      What is one goal you reached in February and/or one goal you have for March?

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You Win Some, You Lose Some

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