Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fashion II Shield the Sun

    Summer is here and the sun is hotter than ever. Yes, it is the perfect time to sport that summer tan ( plus, sexy tan lines) but do not forget to keep yourself protected from those nasty, harmful UV rays!

    Apart from having your trusty SPF make up products and Sunblock, I suggest you wear a hat when you go lounging about the beach.

    Now caps are alright BUT they do not provide you with enough protection from the sun. The parts of your face that will be receiving the most protection would have to be your forehead, your eyes and maybe, your nose. Now wouldn't that be wierd to have such an odd tan line on your face?

    It's suggested that there has to be around 5 to 7 inches of hat to protect your delicate faces. This is especially important for the 10 AM to 4 PM sunshine, since this is when the harshest rays come from the sun, and could contribute to possible sunburns and even ( in the long term) skin cancer.

    Fashionable alternatives would be straw hats! They're made out of natural fibers that provide your scalp and skin the much needed ventilation.

    Floppy hats are classic and give you 360 degrees of protection. The shape is feminine and give your swimsuits that 40' chic vibe.

    Straw cowboy hats are edgier and more fun. Its much easier to move around and it is a unisex style, so it appeals more to the more active types.

    Straw hats are stiffer than the floppy hats and channel the ultimate beach bum vibe. They come in an array of patterns and materials, so there are so many to pick from.

    Take your pick and see which hats suit your taste

    Have an awesome summer~

    and remember, it doesn't have to be at the expense of your skin! :)

    ~ Krisan

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Fashion II Shield the Sun

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