Saturday, March 12, 2011

Drumroll Please. . .

    First let's review my goals going into this race:

       My "A" goal was to break 21.
            But I would be happy with anything under 21:52 which is what I ran in my last 5k on Thanksgiving.  I knew this race was a bit hillier than the last two I've run, but nothing crazy.

    So how did I do. . .
    Could I get any closer without actually breaking 21?!?

    However I am 110% thrilled with this time :D
    52 seconds faster then my current PR

    6:46 pace

    I didn't wear my Garmin because I haven't raced with it yet and I thought it might drive me CRAZY. I didn't even wear a watch and missed my first mile split, but I heard Mile 2 (13:29) and was pretty psched :D  Then Mile 3 was 20:21. 

    One regret: I wish I kicked it a little sooner, I still feel like I am right at the threshold of pain and I need to push myself over the edge to really achieve my potential.

    Ughh but in the moment it is so crazy hard to push yourself over that edge.

                                          Overall - 45 / 604
                                           Female-  6 / 313
                                     Age Group-  2 / 33  

    I really consider this shirt green!  
    I asked my son and he called it blue-ish green.   
    Regardless I was more festive than 95% of people there, I was a little disappointed in the lack of spirit.

    Green hair ribbon, it's small, but it's all I had:

    The whole race experience today was an absolute BLAST!! :D

    Awesome things:
    * I saw a bunch of people I ran against in H.S.

    * I saw my college XC coach again! (she ran in the Halloween race too) Our times were so close  (13 seconds!) and we talked about doing some long runs together. Maybe an 8 mile tomorrow :)

    * The weather was beautiful, 40-ish and SUN!

    * While waiting for awards we went to the playground with Nolan.  I did some pull-ups (with a jump) on the monkey bars, AND I was actually able to get across the monkey bars!!  I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO THAT BUT NEVER COULD, AGHHH SO AWESOME :)

    The boys are really bad race photographers, Nolan insists on playing, so no race pics right now.  Possibly there will be some online.

    When we got back home it was so nice and I wanted to run a little more, so I ran while Nol biked next to me.  It was a little stop-and-start-y, he needs to get his biking legs back, but enjoyable nonetheless :)

    I am on such a high right now :D 
    I may go run some more.
    That's all for now, I KNOW you are all anxiously awaiting my time ;)
    And I can't wait to see how everyone else's races went!

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Drumroll Please. . .

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