Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

      1.  I had an awesome long run today :)  Mid 50's, sunny, partially on trails and decent pace;  8 miles in 1:04:20.  It was my first longer run with the Garmin and my first miles for the cupcake marathon, so I got Garmin Connect running finally.  

    Average Pace 8:03

       Miles 3&6 were on a trail with lots of roots, that's why they are the slower miles.  Overall the whole run felt great :D  I was pushing it a little for a long run (darn garmin), but I felt strong and confident.  I am experiencing some tummy pains now though : / .  I may not have hydrated enough, as it was finally warm enough to get some sweat on :)

        So I've been thinking about my goals for this upcoming half and trying to think about what I am willing to train for.  Right now I am saying I would like to go sub 1:45.   Possibly if I trained my butt off for the next 5 weeks I could go considerably lower, but for this particular race I am not wanting to put 100% training effort in.  We will see how the next few weeks go, but as most of my spring/summer races will be shorter stuff, I'd prefer to train for maximum performance in those.

    It is my first half and I really just want to enjoy it :)

      2.  Yesterday I discovered the easiest, most awesome way to make healthy soft serve at home!  I was on Oh She Glows (which btw Angela just raised over $7,000 for a Japan Disaster Fund. . . in little over a day) and discovered the following amazing and amazingly simple recipe for banana and cherry soft serve (credit also to ChoosingRaw for the initial post).

    Frozen Cherries
    Frozen Banana
    Thats it!

    Step 1: Throw frozen banana in food processor

    Step 2: Process
    And if you just want banana soft serve, you're done!  
    What I did is take half out so I could have some banana and left some in to make Cherry Banana :)

    To make Cherry Banana (mostly cherry flavored):

    Add Frozen Cherries:

    Process on Grind:

    Final Product:

    With some walnuts for protein and a bit of chocolate just cause:
    I had this today as my post run snack :D

       3. If you have 4 minutes to spare today and want to get your booty kicked, try out yesterday's bodyrock workout:

      And on a final note:  I am a little sad that no one knew what "Jlp" was from (but not that sad, cause there were so many SYTCD and Always Sunny lovers :D) So here is a BIG hint:

    Did anyone else see the "Jlp" part? I'm obsessed with how she said that line :D

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Three Things Thursday

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