Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday

    1) Thank you all greatly for taking the time to respond to my plea for advice :)  It was very helpful and I'm feeling optimistic about being back to pain free soon :D  I actually felt no pain at anytime today (so far, hopefully I didn't jinx myself)

      From your comments and some research I did, here is a list of possible causes for my knee pain:
    ~ I have extremely high arches
    ~  Although I'd like to think I have decent quad muscles, I also think my hamstrings/glutes are a lot stronger and could be causing an imbalance
    ~ I'm not big on stretching nor am I terribly flexible, so tightness could be a factor.
    ~ Or as Nelly pointed out, I ran that first mile (in which the pain first surfaced immediately after) too damn fast without warming up and strained something.

       All of the above have pretty straight forward solutions which I will be incorporating into my training.  And will hopefully keep me running.

    2) Necessity is the mother of invention. 
      Necessity~ I have not a drop of wine in the house right now.
      Invention~ I've decided there is a great need for a company that delivers wine/beer/alcohol in the same fashion as Pizza and Chinese delivery.  Who wants to jump on the opportunity to get in on this at ground level with me :)
    If you live in Toronto, you're in luck.

    3) Nolan gladly took over the position of Ryders sunglass model since Matt refused:

    He's gonna be trouble in a few years. 
    (Kidding :), despite the punky faces he's the bestest :D)
    Also, I think he stole SkinnyRunner's sunglass pose

    Last chance to enter for your own pair here, giveaway ends tomorrow night.

    A) These were spotted throughout the MS I subbed in today:
    This one was a HUGE post-it in the teacher's lounge.
    They were also all over the bathrooms.
    You may remember I did my own here.

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Three Things Thursday

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Dance II Bleeding Love

    I really enjoy dancing and I have alot of friends who really enjoy dancing as well.

    I watch 'So You Think You Can Dance?' and it is so inspiring to watch some of the dances, especially when it doesn't get tiring at all.

    One of the most popular dance routines was done by Chelsea and Mark of Season 4. They were able to capture the essence of the song and executed the routine perfectly as well, And my personal favorite was Mark.

    I love the part where Mark would be the puppeteer of Chelsea and isolated the movement of her body. It looked effortless in its difficulty. When they dance their energy was always up and with the addition of their well executed dance and theatrics, it made the routine unforgettable .

    I watch it over and over, but I never get sick of watching it.

    Here's the clip! I hope you enjoy it!

    So You Think You Can Dance
    Bleeding Love Dance Routine
    Chelsea & Mark

    This is the best clip that I could find of the routine.

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Dance II Bleeding Love

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Black and Blonde Emo Hair

    Black and Blonde Emo Hair is nowadays a completely new fashion! Newly developed, recently popular but totally inspired from the 80s. If you really want a unique hair cut, then it is a good idea to consider an blonde emo hair cut. Blonde Emo haircuts are very common, particularly among the younger crowd and are considered to be one of the hottest teen hair cuts today.
     Black and Blonde Emo Hair Gallery One

     Black and Blonde Emo Hair Gallery Two

     Black and Blonde Emo Hair Gallery Three

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Black and Blonde Emo Hair

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Valerie Joan Taylor Art Exhibit this Friday!

    Please join us this Friday for the Opening Reception of Valerie Joan Taylor's exhibition at Lille Boutique. Valerie's work is built on the unconscious ways people absorb their experiences and the environments around them. Valerie's images often deal with the idea of creating and collecting. Coupled with odd perspectives and awkward expressions these images can at times seem to unveil secrets. Through her drawings and paintings she acknowledges how life can be clumsy, and how it can also be intriguing and light-hearted. We will be kicking off our month-long Birthday Celebration in honor of our 4 years in business with Door Prizes, champagne cocktails, Secret Sales and more! You won't want to miss this....

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Valerie Joan Taylor Art Exhibit this Friday!

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        I was hoping to report back after a few days rest with no knee pain and lots of sunshine and roses.  No such luck :(  I really don't have the luxury of going to a sport's doctor right now so I'm gonna go the inadvisable route of posting the specifics of my injury here and asking for suggestions.  Obviously no one here is a doctor (that I know of), but maybe one or some of you have had the same issue before and can lead me in the right direction.

    Here is what I did last week and how it affected my knee:
    - First felt pain 1 mile into my easy/medium 3 mile run last Tuesday, I ran the first mile a little too fast in 6:13 and hadn't warmed up at all.  (I ran a 6:13 bc I tried to start out at a cruise pace, looked at my garmin 1/2 mile in and saw 3:06. I then thought, "well, lets see what time I can finish this mile in."  As soon as I started mile 2 (way slower), knee pain :/
    - Wednesday I took off
    - Thursday I ran stairs for 25 minutes and felt no pain.
    - Friday I ran on the treadmill, felt pain 1 mile in and stopped at 2
    - Saturday 4-miler same thing, right at the 1 mile mark inner knee pain came back. I finished the 4, but haven't run since Sat.

      The pain is on inner-topish part and it does seem to swell out a bit, it is definitely more lumpy than the right side (after running)

       During the 3 days I took off from running I felt scattered knee pain.  The worst times were when I sat in the car (passenger) for 15-20 minutes and walking after that was painful for a while.  A lot of the time though I was fine.  I've been icing daily.  I haven't even been doing my planks (I've been afraid of the rigid straight position of the leg, but It'll probably be fine)  or other ab/arm exercises because most of them still involve the knee to some degree.

    Nighttime Abs/Arms have been replaced with:
    Wine is probably not the best recovery drink, but it makes me feel better temporarily ;)
      I'm getting back to abs/arms tonight, there are plenty of moves I can still do.  I've just been using my knee as an excuse to be lazy.  3 days off though and I'm feeling very soft so no more excuses.

        Someone suggested that it could possibly be Plica Syndrome.  I've looked into this and it is a definite possibility.  Has anyone here had experience with Plica?

       I ran 2 miles today to test things out; the first mile I felt very mild pain, the second mile it hurt more, but I noticed if I landed lightly on my toe and pushed off quickly I had little to no pain.  This of course means I am running at a much faster clip. After the run my knee had irritation and side of my left knee was significantly bigger than my right.   I've taken an anti-inflammatory and iced since finishing my run.

     This is totally bumming me out right now 'cause the temps are just starting to warm up, racing season is here and I am ready to crush some PRs

        Any insight on what could be causing my knee pain is appreciated :)

     On a happy/funny note: One of the search terms to my blog was "pics of 3k run pros" which led to my Self Indulgent Pre Race Pics.  Sure I'll consider myself a 3k pro, why not? :)

        And if you haven't entered my Ryders Sunnies Giveaway yet you have till Midnight Friday :D  I'm loving checking out all the awesome styles you guys like.  There seems to be a high preference for Hot Pink, I'm a fan :)  I'm just sad that I can only pick one winner : /

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Costume II Marie Antoinette Luxury

    " At 15 she became a bride,
    at 19 she became a queen,
    at 20 she became a legend."

    When it comes to fashion icons of the more periodic eras I would have to go for Marie Antoinette. Yes, she may have been more popularly known as the 'Queen of Excess', but she was fabulous nonetheless.

    I recall lace, silk ribbons and light fanciful colors when I think about Versailles. With France having a fashion capital of its own in the present time, I would not be surprised if the ladies of the court and the queen were the fashion trendsetters at the time. The teen queen did start the period trend of wearing one's hair high.

    Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' came as a period film with modern influences, especially in terms of music and photography, but the costumes that the queen had to wear was eye candy. I adored every single outfit she had worn, and even the costumes of the maids and her ladies-in -waiting were perfect. It was really easy to watch the movie, party because the costumes were easy on the eyes.

    The colors that dominated the outfits Marie Antoinette wore were more of the pastels and brights. It was very reflective of her personality, which was one of a young girlish queen. Of course as she got older, the colors and style muted down but the 'label' of excess was not completely left out.

    The hair and make-up were all very similar, powdered coifed hair that may be curled or pinned up, then the pale powdered faces and the rouge cheeks and lips. All very parisian. In Marie and her ladies' case, it was more of the blushing young girls who look like sweet desserts.

    The other characters' costumes, like the queen's, were matched with their personalities as well. Du Barry, the king's mistress, was garbed in exotic cloths and rich dark brocade and velvets as she was someone who was not of the Versaille world to begin with. The Duchess de Polignac was a very boisterious and fun-loving character that her clothing were of unusual mixes that had shapes that showed off her womanly figure. She would always exude a certain sensuality. The Princesse Lambelle was a quiet type and more of her outfits were of the simple and cool tones and did not contrast like her other colleagues. She, on the other hand, exuded innocence. And Marie? She fell in between the two of them.

    Colors and style varied between countries as seen between Austria and France. Austrians were less uptight in terms of dressing and rituals. Their preference in style would be of an understated elegance that still held a certain humility. Colors were more washed out.

    The French were more obsessive in terms of dress. Their would have their hair meticulously arranged, wore rouge on their faces and would be very meticulous with what kind of dresses they wore. It was not evident only in the women, but the men as well. Colors were more alive and had more variation with patterns and textures. Oh, did I mention that they powdered their hair white? Yes, it was the trend then.

    The hierarchy was evident in the clothing of both countries ,and one could easily tell the difference between a noble to a soilder to a servant.

    Marie Antoinette still an Austrian Princess

    A printed ensemble with contrasting red gloves

    Already a young queen

    Her White Cream Beaded Coronation Dress

    Her arrival in France in a powder blue ensemble with a matching had and ribbon choker

    Count Ferson and Marie

    On their way to the masked ball, Marie in a black ballgown

    King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette

    Marie with the court children, even their costumes are adorable

    Princesse Lamballe, in a buttercream gown and a matching hat

    Princesse Lamballe's Costume in salmon, old rose and luxurious white fur

    Duchess de Polignac, in a summer ensemble

    King Louis XVI and his queen with the Duchess de Polignac

    At Marie's retreat house with her ladies in waiting

    In blush pinks and flowers as they welcome the soldiers from America

    Marie Antoinette with her ladies-in-waiting, all their dresses remind me of delicous pastries

    Marie Antoinette and the royal courtiers, all their dresses are divine

    Princesse Lamballe, Marie Antoinette and the Duchess de Polignac, see the difference in their clothing preferences

    Marie's dress here looks like cotton candy

    Princesse Lamballe, Marie Antoinette and the Comtesse de Noailles. Lamballe and the Comtesse's dresses should not be forgotten, for each one has it own charm.

    Masked Ball. Marie's dress is black and beaded and she matched her husband's gold and black clothing. Duchess de Polignac wears emerald green and exotic peacock feathers in her hair, while Princesse Lamballe (not clearly seen) is in a pink and white ribboned ensemble. The two other men are dressed in a deep red and black respectively.

    Madame Du Barry and her entourage, her clothing is always "noveau riche" in a sense. Her entourage dresses in a similar flamboyant way as well.

    Welcoming the Princess Marie from Austria

    Comtesse de Noailles, simple and very put together

    All the accessories used in the film were extravagant and so delicate as well. The scene where they were shopping for shoes and jewelries was like a shopping fantasy for women. Most of the jewelries and accessories worn would never be used twice, and each detail was thought out as a whole. From Lamballe's hats to Marie's gloves and to Du Barry's lingerie. My hat's off to Milena Canonero for designing all the wonderful costumes, the Academy Award and BAFTA Nomination is definitely well-deserved.

    I found myself giggling after hearing Marie say her shoes were made by Christian. One of the most famous French shoe designers today is Christian Louboutin and I just made a connection with that. It was interesting though.

    I've always interested in the whole idea of Marie Antoinette. Maybe i could do a collection on her or create make up concepts. At the end of the day she will always be one of my sources of inspiration.

    I love this scene~ the feather, the fan and the stockings are so cute!

    ~ Krisan

    Note: None of the images belong to me.

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Costume II Marie Antoinette Luxury

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Dance II Duel Love Dance

    Have you guys heard of the movie "The Duelist"?

    It's a 2005 Korean Period Film about a female detective Nam Soon, played by Ha Ji-Won, on a mission to target counterfeiters and comes across Sad Eyes, played by Kang Dong- Won. Sad Eyes is named because his physical features. He is a masked killer who Namsoon instantly falls in love with, but she is caught between her mission to unveil a counterfeiting plot that could taint the Government's reputation and her attraction to the mysterious man she'd fallen for.

    The last scene is a confrontation between Nam Soon and Sad Eyes, this is their last opportunity to be together. As much as they want to be together, yes they had feelings for one another, the fact that they were enemies could not be forgotten. The fight scene they had reminds me of a dance where it can have a double meaning. On a shallow level it could mean that they are fighting against one another. On a deeper level, it would come off as a love dance hiding beneath the clashing of the weapons.

    I also love the setting and the way that it was filmed. Sure, the falling petals gave it a more dramatic effect, but I saw it as autumn as a sign that something has come to an end. The silhouettes the lighting created were a bit difficult to see, but it makes the whole "forbidden" relationship more meaningful.

    Here is a clip~ Hope you enjoy!

    The Duelist
    Last Confrontation


    ~ Krisan

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Dance II Duel Love Dance

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Costume II ElecTRONic

    I had no idea what the story of Tron was, but I had been able to catch the very first few teaser trailers they were releasing late 2009. All I knew about Tron was that it was based on a video game and that it was futuristic.

    I was in Los Angeles and Tron had just began showing, so i went with my cousins and watched Tron in 3D. I didn't really expect much since I wasn't a big fan of the video game, but after watching the film I really appreciated the work that was put into it.

    The concept for the costumes were interesting, especially for the other programs that existed in the Tron World. My favorite would be Siren Gem's outfit, she is one of the girls dressed in white who changed Sam, because it was white. Her whole concept of having light hair went well since there was a stark contrast to the dark outfit and dark hair Quorra had.

    I also liked how the costumes had a certain consistency. Though I am not be able to find any stills of the other costumes, I found the white outfits were visually stunning. The reason being, body fit white costumes are not as frequently seen as compared to black ones. Also the costume designer, Christine Clark, played around the futuristic idea by creating plastic hoods and similar jackets and skirts. It made the movie more visually stunning, especially when the background, music and cinematography come into play.

    Another aspect of the costumes that I found fascinating were the fact that it would light up. This definitely gave the outfits a more "electronic" feel to it. It definitely looks way cooler!

    TRON Costume Study

    TRON Zeus Costume Study

    TRON Siren Gem Costume

    Siren Gem

    TRON Poster


    Quorra Armour

    Quorra and Sam

    Sam Flynn

    Castor / Zuse

    I've researched a bit and each of the lights on the costumes of each character follows a certain circuity. There are white, red , orange and blue circuits, perhaps more, but then again I am not entirely sure. The important thing is that they make the costumes come alive.

    Make Up wise, especially those wearing white, it was kept very clean and very contrasted. Siren Gem's eyes were intense lined in black in comparison to her light hair, flawless skin and pristine white clothing. Dark eyes, Flawless even skin and an almost pale lip were the overall look for the film, with the exception of Castor/Zuse who wore blue on his eyes.

    Hairstyles were kept very minimalistic and clean, the Sirens wore high buns while the other girls had sleek cut bobs and pixie cuts.

    After Tron had made it's way to theatres there had been Tron-inspired pieces making it's way to fashion. In fact, Versace had made a collection that had the overall concept of Tron, including the similar cuttings in the clothing design in replacement for the light that the costumes had.


    Other designers also paid homage to the movie and created their own pieces.

    Edmund Castillo
    LED Light Up Sandals

    Jerome Rosseau

    Hayden Harnett

    Tom tom

    I doubt that this will be the last we will see of the futuristic fashions~


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Costume II ElecTRONic

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