Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Costume II Geisha Play

    My friends and I would occassionally come up with photoshoots that are of different concepts. Basically, we play around and have fun.

    I do this also for my make-up and styling portfolio, it serves as good practice.

    This shoot was supposed to be a geisha type shoot, but ended up being a fusion of geisha and assassin. Either way the kimonos and make-up were the main focus.

    I want to do another shoot with a more extravagant geisha-maiko kimono, but it will take some time since I would have to be the one to make it. I'll be able to focus more on the make up as well.

    I hope you will all watch out for that!

    Yasnina Jumalon
    Royal Blue Printed Kimono and Black Obi

    Ilka Josue
    Floral Printed Pink Kimono and Red Obi

    Alexi Velez
    White Cloud Printed Kimono and Black Obi

    Pauline Osorio
    Violet and Green Floral Printed Yukata and Tea

    Glee De Guzman
    Aqua Printed Kimono and Red Obi

    Krisan Jacomina
    Light Blue Ombre Printed Kimono and Pink Obi

    Yasnina Jumalon
    Royal Blue Printed Kimono and Black Obi


    Photography II Glee De Guzman - Krisan Jacomina
    Make Up & Styling II Krisan Jacomina
    Kimonos II Krisan Jacomina
    Accessories II Glee De Guzman
    Editing II Glee De Guzman
    Models II Alexi Velez - Ilka Josue -Glee De Guzman
    Krisan Jacomina - Pauline Osorio - Yasnina Jumalon


    ~ Krisan

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Costume II Geisha Play

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