Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dance II Duel Love Dance

    Have you guys heard of the movie "The Duelist"?

    It's a 2005 Korean Period Film about a female detective Nam Soon, played by Ha Ji-Won, on a mission to target counterfeiters and comes across Sad Eyes, played by Kang Dong- Won. Sad Eyes is named because his physical features. He is a masked killer who Namsoon instantly falls in love with, but she is caught between her mission to unveil a counterfeiting plot that could taint the Government's reputation and her attraction to the mysterious man she'd fallen for.

    The last scene is a confrontation between Nam Soon and Sad Eyes, this is their last opportunity to be together. As much as they want to be together, yes they had feelings for one another, the fact that they were enemies could not be forgotten. The fight scene they had reminds me of a dance where it can have a double meaning. On a shallow level it could mean that they are fighting against one another. On a deeper level, it would come off as a love dance hiding beneath the clashing of the weapons.

    I also love the setting and the way that it was filmed. Sure, the falling petals gave it a more dramatic effect, but I saw it as autumn as a sign that something has come to an end. The silhouettes the lighting created were a bit difficult to see, but it makes the whole "forbidden" relationship more meaningful.

    Here is a clip~ Hope you enjoy!

    The Duelist
    Last Confrontation


    ~ Krisan

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Dance II Duel Love Dance

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