Monday, May 2, 2011


    We play favorites, all day everyday. And as textiles students, there are always certain outfits or articles of clothing that are near and dear to our heart. What are your favorite pieces in your closet? Why? For some it's a bright pink pin from their pre-school days that brings back nostalgic memories and for others it's an heirloom passed down from their great grand-mother. In this photo series entitled Unapologetic, we would like to invite all of the readers into a glimpse of our personal style and showcase our favorite items. The looks were styled by each pair and each tell a different story of their take on fashion. In all outfits, we present our looks raw, exposed, and unapologetic. Enjoy!

    Rebecca's Favorites:
    Leopard flower - I love this accessories because I can wear it in my hair or pin it on my clothes. It's fierce and feminine at the same time.

    Bling Ring - Its worn on two fingers, full of bling, and matches with any of my outfits.

    Stephanie's Favorites:
    Gold watch - This was my grandma's favorite watch. Before she passed away, she gave it to me because I always played with it when I was younger. 

    Green wrap bracelet - I picked this wrap bracelet as one of my favorite items because it has little charms on them, my favorite being the elephant! I don't really like charms though, too girly, but this one works for me.

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