Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Bikini Body Moves # 9 & 10~ Ab Busters

       You're getting a two-fer today since these are both Ab moves that I learned from BodyRock and am obsessed with.  Plus summer is so close, everyone wants to get their abs bikini (or speedo :D) ready, right ;)

       I've been doing these two moves along with my planks, push-ups, and whatever other moves I'm feeling each night.  I even bust them out throughout the day :)

      This first move is one I showed a pic of Zuz doing a few posts ago and then a few people asked me to demo.  You could go to her site to see it, but sometimes it is nice to see an average human being performing it, this way you know that it is doable and not just a move for superhumans :D

    Thus I present #9~ Crab Toe Touches

       Pretty self-explanitory (from the video) I think?  If you're more flexible than me (pretty much everybody :/)  your legs will probably be straighter than mine.  Do your best to push your hips up each time.  The hardest part of this exercise for me is keeping my balance, I probably should have included a blooper of me falling over. . . cause it definitely happens. Often.  But the trying to keep your balance also makes it fun (to me at least, I am a little crazy though :D)

       I'm really challenging your coordination giving you these two moves at the same time because this next one takes even more balance. Muahahaha :)

    #10 Knee Tuck w/ Push Up (on exercise ball)

        If you can't do push-ups off the exercise ball you can skip that part, the knee tucks themselves are still really super good for the abs.  The push-ups do help to bring more muscles into the move, so if you can do them try it out!

       Don't worry if you fall over during these moves, I do all the time :D  Maybe if enough of you promise to try them out I'll post a blooper reel of me falling repeatedly ;)  Also it's really fun to do these with friends cause you can just laugh at each other the whole time and laughing is a great Ab workout too. 

          Ohhh I have a great video to share with you about that too, but I think 2 videos is enough for one post so I will save that one for a Funny Friday (anybody else know the laughing ab workout video I'm talking about :D)  If you really want to see it NOW, it is here, I think her look at the end is the best part.

      If you have any questions about these moves feel free to ask below and thank you all for your wonderful comments on my race report :)

       And let me know if you try them and how you liked them.   You can send pics of your amazing abs at the end of May after you've been doing these everyday (paired with a healthy diet of course, because great Abs are made in the kitchen ;)  Don't forget your planks!

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Bikini Body Moves # 9 & 10~ Ab Busters

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