Monday, May 9, 2011

Race Photos that Don't Make Me Want to Become a Hermit

    Confession: I almost did not look at my Half Marathon race proofs.

    I got the email saying they were online on Thursday and my first thought was, "Helllllllll No!"   I did not see the value in crushing my fragile self-esteem; I was still riding the confidence boost from some dude asking me out 10 minutes post race, why ruin it?  I think 98% of  my race photos have made me want to hide away for the rest of my life so as not to subject anyone to my hideousness (not even exaggerating a tiny little bit.)

    I got another email this morning saying that they would only be available for a limited time.

    "Maybe I should just take a peek"
    "NO don't do it!"
    "I can't not know what they look like"
    "Ignorance is Bliss"
    " I have to. . . for blog's sake"
    "You were wearing itty bitty spandex shorts that creeped into bikini briefs" = unflattering leg photos
    "But. . . but. . . but, I've been working out."

    Also I am challenging myself to do one thing that scares me everyday, and yup, scared.

    So with much anxiety (yes I have issues), I clicked on the link, took a deep breath, said a prayer. . . 

    hmmm these aren't soo bad.
    But I am gonna pretend like didn't see that one.

    Here they are, they're no glamour shots but I think I'll allow myself to leave the house today.

    I don't think I'll ever be one to have an awesome smiling finish line photo.

    And I think I'm okay with that.

         *After going through Penn Station on my way upstate this past week  I decide I'm going to take a trip to the city and do a little gym research.  It will be nice to wander around the city now that it is nice out and I thought I would accomplish something at the same time by stopping into some gyms and inquiring about what they look for in trainers.  I figured I could ask what qualifications they are looking for (I'm getting ACE certified right now, but I can work on some other certs over the summer as well) and other things I can work on to make myself more marketable.  I think it will also be good experience for me to communicate with prospective employers, because hey, there's another thing I'm scared of.

      So I'm requesting any suggestions you may have on what to ask while I am there. The plan is to venture in sometime this week, I'm going to figure out which gyms I want to hit up today :D

         Plus you should all check out my old college XC teammate Steph's brand new blog!  She got into the NYC Marathon and it'll be her first Full Mary :D 

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Race Photos that Don't Make Me Want to Become a Hermit

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