Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm Off

    To my first day of this:

    A little update on things before I go:

    1) Today is day 7 with no added sugars/refined flours, I have not caved once :)  The hardest part (for me) is not giving into cravings, but figuring out what to eat, there is added sugar in EVERYTHING!  I even survived AppleBees yesterday.

    2) I have pretty easily lost the 2lbs I have been fighting with for a while and my cal intake is approx the same., but I actually have to make sure that I am getting enough calories everyday now.

    3) Some foods that I've been relying on: Mixed nuts, boiled eggs, olives, string cheese, chick peas, lots of fruit and veg (esp, apples, blueberries, bananas, baby carrots, broc, romaine, red pep, cuc and I finally made kale chips) :D, tuna, chicken, natural PB.

    4) I'm actually enjoying my coffee black, this is a welcome surprise :)

    5) I have felt a little less energy on my runs, but otherwise I feel great :D I

    6) I've been drinking less, but my new sugar free drink of choice is Vodka with Ice water and squeezed lime.  Also when I'm home I throw a few frozen cherries in.  I discovered this even before I decided to go sugar free because I wanted a lower cal drink option for the summer.  Last summer I gained 5 + lbs drinking sugar laden, 700 calorie per can 4Loko. O. M. G! I just looked that up: 60 g! of sugar in one can.  

    7) The training plan has not exactly gone accordingly (not getting into details right now), nonetheless I am still happy with my training.

       Time to get moving.  

       Hope everyone is having the best MDW :D

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I'm Off

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