Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Weeks! Two Weeks! Two Weeks!

       Until Memorial Day Weekend and my first day back at the beach :D  Yaayyyy. 

       MDW is a very significant date to this little bloggy :)  I started Run For the B! in September when I had just finished my last weekend at the beach and was already planning for next (this) summer.

    My reasons for starting this blog were:
     1) To keep my self accountable over the winter months so that I was in the best shape possible come MDW '11. 
     2) Accomplish lots of the things that I always said I was going to do.
         So how did I do so far with #1, well I had made big goals for this summer because last summer I didn't think I was at my peak physically and it kinda impacted my self-esteem.  After drinking/partying a bit too much  I ended the summer at 128 lbs which for me is no bueno :/   I've worked hard for the past 8 months and I am at 121 right now. I also think that I gained some muscle, so besides a 7lb loss I'm pretty sure there was some body composition changes :D  I measured my waist this morning and it was 24.75. I've never seen my waist below 25 inches despite weighing under 120  in the past so that's a thumbs up for the less fat, more muscle theory.

        I don't start working everyday till end of June (the beginning is just weekends) so I have over a month to keep hitting it hard and lean up a bit more.  I've been bodyrocking even more lately and I've noticed some changes in the mirror :D

    #2 Things I've said I was going to do:  I've said I was going to do the Tobay triathlon for about 8 (or more?) years now.  At the end of the summer I decided that next summer I was definitely going to do it. Well I am registered, I've got a brand new road bike and have been getting used to riding it now that it is nice out (haven't done any serious training yet, just getting used to the feel and switching gears and stuff) and I cannot wait to start swimming at work!  The tri is a definite go!  I can't wait to swim, bike, run all summer :D

      I also said that I was going to do the Long Island Half (this was discussed with 2 other female guards, one being my sister) and I did it!  But they didn't :(  Next year girls!!

    I'm also going to do a Tough Mudder (in Novemeber) with these clowns (my co-workers):
    This is from Tough Mudder '10.  More pics of them here

        I've wanted to be a personal trainer since HS and that is in the works.  Cert test in a few weeks :D

    And I've wanted to break 20 in the 5k since HS and that will be done (I'm kinda sad my speedwork post is gone, I greatly appreciated all your comments expressing confidence in my ability to do this.)

      I honestly don't think I would have made this much progress or accomplished some of these goals without this blog and the amazing blogging community.  I really had now idea how rededicated to racing I was going to become.  I am really happy to be entering the summer in such good physical shape so that I can hop into any races that come up and be competitive in them (my co-workers are always doing various races throughout the summer, there is a run-swim-run on the beach in particular, that I've always wanted to do and this summer it's on!)  I usually always find out about these races like 2 weeks in advance and then don't feel like I am in good enough shape to compete to my standards.

       As of right now I am racing on Sunday, but I'm not setting any expectations.  Of course I'd love to PR, but I've been working really hard this week and wearing myself down a bit.  I was going to rest today, then thought about the fact that Sunday is not meant to be a peak race, more of a tempo workout and if I've got a PR in me, awesome :D   So today I ran 15 minutes of stairs (I did cut it a little shorter than usual due to overall fatigue) and I did Zuz's Killer 4 minute interval workout (before the stairs which explains why my quads where kinda dead on them).  Tomorrow I will rest.

    Some outfit pics for Sunday:

    Yes I think I am ready to strut it on the beach ;)
    Boo-tayy a product of countless: squats, lunges, hill sprints, stair running, jump squats, burpees and on and on. . .

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Two Weeks! Two Weeks! Two Weeks!

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