Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun Beach Workout To Try

       I've had difficulty sitting down to write posts lately, I have things to say, but my mind is so focused on my upcoming 5ks and the very quickly (10 days!) approaching beach season that I can't concentrate on post writing.

           I've been killing it with my workouts, yesterday I did this 15 minute Bodyrock workout, my entire body was so exahusted that within 5 minutes of finishing I passed out on the couch.  And then I did separate parts of the workout agin throughout the day; 4 minutes (30s on/10s off) of Plank Jump & Reptile + 4 minutes (Same 30/10) of Leg Lift & Toe Touch. . .Oww + Owww.  My abs are feeling it today which I love :D   I also felt the effects of yesterday's workout during my 3 mile run today, I was dra-gingg.

      I found another 5k for this Saturday :)  It starts and ends at a local brewery and there are "refreshments" after the race :D  Using it as a tempo again and of course I'd like to see if I can get a new PR.

      Since I'm so excited about the beach starting again I figured I would outline a fun workout we do at Tobay.

    Coworkers like this make everyday the bestest :)

      For the first few weeks of full time (end of june, till then it's just weekends) we all workout together first thing in the morning.  During these workouts we practice rescue procedure, which looks like this:

    We also do 400 meter ocean swims, practice using the rescue boards and some various other things, one being a workout that we call "stands" (which will make sense in a sec).

    The bro with one of our new rescue boards
     (Which come in handy for surfing as well, except there is no leash so if you lose it you're swimming all the way back to shore)

    This workout involves:

    ~ Running from one lifeguard stand to the next (100-150 ish meters)
    ~Once you reach the stand you sprint to the water and dive in
    ~ Swim out a set amount of strokes, we usually do 20
    ~ Swim back in
    ~ Sprint up towards dry sand
    ~ Perform 1-2 bodyweight exercise for 15-20 reps (we usually do push-ups followed by crunches, but have also included mountain climbers, planks, and jumping lunges. Some other good ones would be burpees, jump squats, plus I'mma introduce BodyRock moves this year :D)
    ~Get up and run/sprint to the next stand and repeat.
      We do this for the length of the beach (11 stands/ 800 meters).  If you are at a beach that has no stands you could just estimate 100-200 meters or go by 30 second intervals.

       I wish I had pictures of us doing this from past years;  I'll make sure to take some this year :) And if you happen to be at a beach this summer try it out!

        I'm off to do some major house cleaning, my best friend is moving in with us for a little and she arrives tonight :D  She just got a job at one of the restaurants located at my beach (yes my beach ;) and is moving here from 4 hours upstate.  She's staying with us till she can find her own place and I am very happy to have her :D And I'm going to be her personal bootcamp instructor! 

    I'll leave you with a little What I Ate Wednesday:

    Yesterday for lunch I departed a little from my basic grilled chicken salad, I instead paired my chicken with roasted red peppers, vine tomatoes and fresh mozz. 
    The Best.

    Still rolling with the phone camera, not pretty I know, but you get the idea :)

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Fun Beach Workout To Try

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