Saturday, May 7, 2011

Impromptu Hill Sprints

          On Wednesday I took a little trip  upstate (NY) to see my best friend for some Cino De Mayo celebrations.  She works at a Mexican restaurant and they were having a big DJ'ed party, plus I desperately needed some time w/ her (even though she is moving down to me in 2 weeks!).  So I hoped on the LIRR to Penn Sta. and from Penn I took the Amtrack, first time using Amtrack and I loved it!

       I did plan to run while I was there since she had to work during the day and I would need to occupy myself.  But the plan was just to run for enjoyment and stress relief, I didn't take my Garmin because I didn't want to worry about time or distance.  I didn't even take a stopwatch.  

    And then on the drive from the station to her apt. I saw. . . HILLS!

    Duhh it is Upstate NY, I should have realized there would be hills beforehand.  

    I could not, NOT take this opportunity from some kick ass hill training :D

    My bf Dales pointed me in the direction of the steepest hill and I was off.
    6 x Sprints up this baby!!

         I, of course, regretted not having my Garmin to get the distance and even more importantly the elevation.  I couldn't even time it, but I estimated from my music that it took me about a minute each time.  I just focused on giving max effort each time and I felt completely DONE at the top of every one. So regardless of knowing time, speed, and elevation, I know I gave it my all and it felt great!

      When I got home I Map My Run-ed the distance and it is about .15 mi long, sounds about right with my 1 minute up estimate.  I'd love to know the elevation but Cest La Vie.

      On the way down I slow jogged the top half and then walked the steeper bottom half.

      The view on the way down wasn't too shabby:

    Post workout high might be an understatement for how I felt afterwards.

    I celebrated later with short shorts, high heels and tri-colored frozen margaritas :D
      I was trying to run out of the picture frame which is why I look completely awkward, I should really start embracing the candid shots instead of getting caught in my, "OMG, no pictures!" pose.

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Impromptu Hill Sprints

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