Friday, May 20, 2011

Quality Over Quantity

      I started to write a post yesterday on my 400 workout, it got long and ramble-y and didn't get  a chance to finish it.

      I went back to it this morning and decided against putting up a long ramble-y post that discussed how scary and hard 400's are. (95% of the time, if I don't finish and publish a post in one sitting it never gets posted.  It's my impulsiveness; I think, I type, I publish.  There is no saving drafts and going back later.)

    So instead the synopsis:

    400's are scary

    400's are hard

    I gave an all out effort on each one.

    65° (nice) 92% humidity (not so nice)

    1 mile warm-up
    1- 1:27 (5:50)
    2- 1:26 (5:46)
    3- 1:26 (5:46)
    4- 1:27 (5:50)
    5- 1:29 (5:58)
    1 mile cool down

      Despite once again not doing a large number of repeats, I was 100% satisfied with this workout because I know I gave everything I had on all 5.  I didn't have a set number starting the workout, pretty much my thought was, "as many as you can do at max effort."

       Speaking of going all out for a short period of time: I made my best, I'll call her Dales from here on out, do Zuzana's 6 minute workout today and she is no longer speaking to me :D

    6 minutes of jump squat, pike jump, mountain climber intervals. No rest.

    Pike Jump

      She thought a 6 minute workout sounded delightful. . . sorry Dales!!  She'll be thanking me soon enough though ;)

    Question to the Op-Man: What was so unbelievable about my last post, that it led you to believe I was, "making this stuff up?" ;)

      Question to all: Do you prefer to go for quality or quantity in your workouts? I don't think one is better than the other, it just depends on what works for you and what you are working for. Some work better on high volume/lower intensity, and others lower volume/higher intensity.  And of course if you are training for longer events you're going to be doing longer workouts.   I'm a short intense kinda girl, which is probably why I love the 5k so much :D  But I also make sure to get in some long runs and I enjoy the calmness of them.

      Also I'm not in any way saying that longer workouts are less quality, by quality (in this question) I am more referring to high intensity.

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Quality Over Quantity

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