Saturday, May 7, 2011


    On Friday, I took a break from work to attend the Whole Earth Festival for the very first time and was intrigued by all the wonderful stuff they had there! Organic dresses, to sarongs, handmade jewelry, leather shorts, dolphin flutes, and more! I could not get my hands off of things and forced myself to speed through each booth as I was on a time crunch. The vibe was amazing throughout the quad - sweet smells from the funnel cake booth, friendliness of crowds, and cheerful music flowing into my ears.

    I knew the festival was ongoing through the weekend, but I convinced my coworker to go back with me to get feather hair extensions. She was at first skeptical, but once she saw the colors she knew she had to get one. I got it near the front of my hair so I can bring it out or hide it whenever I wanted to. She got hers in the back so it is tucked in. The cost was $25, but worth it because it can last up to 3 months!

    I definitely will be back for more. What better way to enjoy the weekend and weather than to attend the festival!

     Sara and her tucked feather extensions

      Me with purple and olive

    Dream catcher and red Sarong

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