Monday, May 9, 2011

Fashion II Neko Ears

    So we have seen popular asian culture , in one way of another, having a fascination with cat ears. Well, they're cute~ and they're cute as headbands.

    If you happen to go to a amusement park, for sure there will be cat ears in the novelty stands. Not only cat ears but bunny ears as well.

    This post will concentrate on cat ears.

    Can you imagine? Brain reading headbands?

    Yes, you read that right~ and they come from Neurowear.

    They combine the a-dork-able ears with technology in one package that is worth buying--- or at least for admiring.

    Its called Nekomimi.

    Don't think that this pair is just for wearing and looking pretty. That is only one part of the package. Neurowear cat ears have brainwave-reading technology! They're were manufactures by a Japanese company that "develops fashion items and gadget with brain waves".

    The cat ears on the headband wiggle around depending on your mood. If you are excited or concentrated, the ears will wiggle and move up. When you are relaxed, they will go down.It provide the cute factor and makes you look oh-so cuddly.

    Here's the advertisement~!

    Retail Price: Unknown

    Now you don't have to say how you feel~ let your cat ears do the talking! :)

    ~ Krisan

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Fashion II Neko Ears

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