Sunday, May 8, 2011

Art II Mermaid's Waters

    I had always hdd this fascination towards mermaids, particularly the dark kind. They are so much more interesting in comparison to those of Disney Fairytale. They cover a different side of what they really are.

    If you were to read about what sirens were in ancient mythologies, they were creatures so beautiful that men would be entranced and fall to their deaths. They lure you in so that they could feed, in a sense, they were the deep ocean's most cunning predators.

    Mermaids have various titles, depending on what mythology or country you are in, but the same characteristics of each do not change at all. They are half human from head to torso and half fish from torso to tail.

    The new Pirates of the Carribean movie is coming out soon and the story revolves around mermaids. What pirate story would be complete without these eerily beautiful creatures.?

    Here is the concept art of the "water form" of the mermaid in the movie. This is for Mermaid Syrena, played by Astrid Berges-Frisbey.

    Here are some of the other mermaid participating in the film.

    Did you know Daphne Joy is half- Filipina and half- Puerto Rico / American?

    Pirates of the Carribean : On Stranger Tides is out MAY 20, 2011 !

    ~ Krisan

    Note : The images are not mine.

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Art II Mermaid's Waters

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