Monday, May 23, 2011

Tough Love

     Post 7 mile run in the rain today (it down-poured on miles 4-6):
    For some reason when I am running in a down pour I can't help but have an ear to ear smile on :)

        While I was running in the rain I was thinking about my plan of action for the week.  Many commenters suggested increasing my number of intervals which I 100% agree with, it will not be easy, but it is not supposed to be easy.  The only way I am going to get past this mid 20's hump that I have always stalled on and never moved beyond, is to push myself further than I think I can possibly go.  I also need to slow down just a bit in the beginning so I have enough to make it through with out quitting; if I have more to give in the ending reps  I'll pick it up.

       So with that said and the help of a few commenters, namley Tri-James and Coach Dion whose advice I've used  in formulating my 2 interval workouts for the week, here is the Tough Love plan:

       Also note this is the first time I have  actually planned out a week of training as opposed to just taking it day by day.

    5/23~ Easy distance- 7 miles/ 1 hour- I went garmin-less on this today to make sure I concentrated on getting the miles in and feeling good, not on going faster and faster.

    5/24~ Mile Repeats- 4x1 mile repeats at 6:20-6:30/ 90 second rest

    5/25~ 3-4 mile easy run

    5/26~ 400 Repeats- 14x 400 at 1:32-1:34 (slowing it down from last weeks 400's so I can do all 14 of 'em :D)/ 60 second rest

    5/27~ 3-ish mile easy/ or off?

    5/28~ Tempo- 1 mile easy/ 3.5 6:55 pace?/ 1 mile easy = 5.5

    5/29~ This will be my first day of work at the beach so I will probably take a nice easy run on the beach just for the enjoyment.

       I will also be doing some bodyrock workouts (not sure which days), along with other resistance training (push-ups, pull-ups, core, resistance bands) and I'd like to get a stair session in on one of the easy days, maybe Sunday?

      Any input on this schedule is welcome.  It's pretty much focused on getting 2 very quality interval workouts in.

    * I've already converted Dales to a BodyRock lovaa :) She was hating me after the first workout on Friday, then we did TWO BR workouts on Sunday (the 6 minute one again/ 1 mile walk around the block/ Cut The Cheese workout [14 min])

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Tough Love

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