Monday, May 2, 2011


    Ashley's Favorites:
    Black cut-out wedges - Classic yet edgy these wedges are comfy and go with EVERYTHING. I also loved how I scored them for 75% off!

    Tri-medal flower ring - Found tucked away in my mom's jewelry treasure chest, this ring is one of the only things I wear nearly everyday. When I look at my hands I'm instant reminded of my mom and feel connected despite the long distance. And it def. doesn't hurt that it's unique and has a vintage vibe. 

    Laura Laine X H&M tank - Ever since I interned for a Danish wonder woman two summers ago, I fell in love with all things Scandinavians. And when I found out that one of my favorite Scandinavian illustrators was creating a line with H&M, I immediately went to the store, but my sister beat me to it and picked it up for me. Check out Laine's designs here.

    Perry's Favorites:
    Blackberry BoldYou wouldn't think a cell phone could be one's cherished item, but in our generation, it has become a security blanket. We channeled our inner Linus and found something we need by our side. Because the Blackberry Bold offers security, comfort, and style, it looks great with every outfit. It's interchangeable, styling every individual's personal style. You can buy covers, bling it out, or stay classic with the original leather backing. The possibilities are endlessStay bold. Blackberrys up. 

    Member's OnlyWho doesn't want to be a part of an exclusive club? My Member's Only jacket offers the exclusivty from its leather material and color. It was a rare find at Buffalo Exchange and knowing that it wasn't massed produced (discontinued) I bought it instantly. I try to find one of kind items that no one else wants or has. Be an individual and choose your clothes wisely. Don't be a part of a statistic, make the change. 

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