Monday, May 2, 2011

Cute Emo Hair

    Yearning for long emo hairstyles, shining hair to flaunt? Not to worry! Now you do not need Cute Emo Hair treatments and regular salon appointments coz they are no more the only ways to grow hair faster, longer and healthier, as the same results can be achieved right at your home! Scroll down for some of the most useful tips to promote emo hair growth. 
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    One of the best ways to grow emo hair faster is to follow a healthy, balanced diet. Your diet should comprise of fruits, vegetables, calcium enriched dairy products and high protein meats and eggs. The diet should be such that it supplies the body with all essential nutrients, especially proteins as hair is mainly made of a protein called keratin
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    For all those wondering, "how to grow hair faster?", the answer lies in taking adequate rest and sleeping for seven to eight hours every night. Taking lesser sleep can exert the body, thus leading to stress and emo hair loss. 
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    One of the tips to grow emo hair faster is to apply hair masks every week. A hair mask can be easily made at home by mixing together two egg yolks and a cup of yogurt. Another homemade emo hair mask recipe is to simple crush a papaya from which skin and seeds have been taken out and apply it on the hair and scalp. 

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