Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Positivity in All Things

       Things have been crazy over here. . . lots of really positive and exciting stuff going on especially in regards to my training career.  The one not so positive issue that I've been dealing with over the past few months is splitting with my fiance whom I've been with for 7 years (since I was 19).  That is one of the main reasons I haven't been updating recently (this is my first post for July!).  These past few months have been difficult emotionally, but working out has remained a positive outlet for me and helped me keep my sanity.  I've come to realize that this is for the better and ultimately I will be stronger and happier for it.

       Some of the wonderfully positive things that have been going on lately:

    1)  I kinda left you guys hanging on my race results for my June 26th 5k. . . 

    20:25 :D

    10 second PR that I could not be happier about.  At my previous 2 5ks I got stuck back around 21 ish, it felt really good to PR again.  I am 100% confident that I will break 20 soon!!  It's going to come down to working on  that last mile, my splits were (approx, haven't gotten them off my Garmin yet) 6:15, 6:35 (12:50 at the 2 mile mark so still at sub 20 pace average) and I'm not sure what that last mile was.  

    I place 2nd in my age group and 8th female (although they announce me as top 5 female as I crossed the line so I was a little bummed when I found out)

    Website starting line pic, I'm 575:

    2) I'm back on the oceanside!

      I've been killing it in our workouts and have also shown that I am much more confident and assertive this year (which turned out to be a bigger question than whether I had the athletic ability).   

        I'm working a ton right now, as I always do during the summer.  I worked 18 days in a row before I had a day off this past Saturday.  I can't complain, it's pretty much the best job in the world, just very very tiring.  Even if I don't workout or do much during the day I still come home exhausted from the sun/heat.

    Some work nonsense:
    The Broski. . . ladies he is single ;)

    Today we had a  North wind today (South wind would be off the ocean), which means that the black flies were swarming.  One of my coworkers asked another to bury him in the sand so that the flies couldn't bite him.  He stayed like this for 45 minutes.

    3)  I attended the Peak Performance Program Design and Nutrition Seminar this past weekend and I don't even have the words right now to describe how awesome it was.

       The highlight of the weekend for me was the amazing people both running and attending the seminar. Every single person there was so passionate about the fitness industry and  so willing to help out others in the field.  I was by far the newest to training and the support and encouragement I received. . . I cannot thank all of you enough.  

      I will definitely be dedicating a post to this seminar when time allows, for now a few pics:

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Positivity in All Things

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