Friday, July 22, 2011

Youtube II Cover / I'm in Love

    Another Cover, this time by the fantastic singer-composer Ra.D~

    This song 'I'm in Love' was introduced in one of his albums, and was covered by Narsha ( of BROWN EYED GIRLS) when she released her solo album.

    The song is really good and it's light and talks about love~

    Oh, love~^^

    Here's my cover lyrics of the song. If you would like to cover the song with my lyrics, please credit me. It is very much appreciated! ^^

    I'm in Love
    Originally by Ra.D
    Cover by Krisan Jacomina

    You see- The truth is after we had first met
    to tell you that I liked you was something that didn't come so easily for me
    Scared I'd begin missing you if I didn't call you first
    I end up texting, hesitating then erasing everything

    I might end up getting hurt if what I feel for you gets deep and deeper
    Can't deny that fears run through my head

    I pray with all my heart
    That the person I'm searching for is you
    I believe that he is you

    Oh...I'm in love
    Oh...I'm fall in lvoe
    I'll never have to hear of fear
    As long as you are near
    The world now is so beautiful to me

    I thought that I'd never fall in love
    But I'm in love
    because I love you baby
    From the first time I saw you
    I could feel it in my heart
    You came in like crashing waves
    You're on my mind all day
    I could be your good lover
    I could be your lucky clover
    It feels like I've become the luckiest
    and happiest woman in the world
    But then please,
    You've got to believe me
    I'll make you never want to leave me
    My suspicions I'll put away
    I'll fully trust you babe


    You are so beautiful to me~

    Now, here's the cover

    I really hope I did the song justice, its a good song~

    To visit my Youtube Channel
    Click Me~

    Hope you enjoyed!

    Note:The lyrics do not belong to me, I just made the cover lyrics. The images and video belong to their respective owners.

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Youtube II Cover / I'm in Love

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