Saturday, July 16, 2011

Emo Curly Hairstyles

    The Long Emo Hair Trend

    Many people that grew up in the 1980s or 1990s just simply refer to this as a new age punk style, but the kids of today call this Emo. It ranges from makeup, clothes, music to even hairstyles. But what is this long emo hair trend?

    There are many different types of hairstyles for this new generation. Many of them range from short to long in length but it is all about how you do it. The most common way to style it or grow it is to make it a shorter style. But the longer hair is trending faster and faster every day!

    In order to grow a proper emo hairstyle it all starts with the bangs. You are going to want to grow them out, making them thicker than normal bangs, and pus them off to the side while still slightly covering up your eyes. While you are growing out you bangs you can grow out the rest of your mop to go with it.

    Once the hair is at a length you like it is common for the person to dye it. It seems that black and blond are the most popular colors, and sometimes even layered is trendy as well. You could do black hair on the bottom, and blond on the top, this look is very popular with the females.

    Styling it is another aspect of it. You will want it to be cut in a choppy layered look. Many people go as far as to make it almost as if it is a reverse mullet. So they can make it still long in the back but spikey as it goes higher.

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Emo Curly Hairstyles

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