Monday, July 4, 2011

Fashion II UNIque in a LO- Budget

    I first came upon the brand in Singapore when I went with my family, and it all started with a hat. I really wanted a summer hat that was good to wear with casual clothes and while my brothers and I were looking around the malls I spotted THE HAT.

    It was a simple cream colored straw fedora with a black cotton strip of cloth around it for decoration, and it was selling for a good price too. After that lucky find we went further into the store and found a BASICS haven of hoodies, shirts, shoes, bags, underwear ---you name it, they most probably have it. So we bought what we could from there before heading back home and I've been wanting to go back there ever since. And after many months of wishing and hoping that one of my favorite stores would make its way to our shores, it is finally coming here in the Philippines!

    I found out from a friend ,through twitter, that there will be a store open in SM North Edsa this DECEMBER 2011 and I was stoked!
    UNIQLO is a Japanese Casual Wear brand that caters to those in need of quality basics for their closet---meaning it caters to a wide range of consumers---EVERYONE. This is Japan's leading retail brand in both sale and profits. It's practically everywhere in Asia---Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Japan--- and there are some stores open in the USA, the UK and France.

    Apart from providing basics for every single article of "Casual" clothing they also have UT --where they produce commercial products featuring popular culture i.e. Transformers, Pirates of the Carribean, Gundam and the like--, UJ --where they feature quality denim wear for both sexes---, and other invited designers, celebrities & brands to do clothing collaborations. The basics styles usually remain the same with a few minor variations in styles according to the seasons, and they also have the other collections within the brand to cater those who would like something more individualized in terms of style. Besides, its your call on how you're gonna style yourself---go simple or go crazy.

    Another unique point of UNIQLO clothing would be the materials that they use. Apart from being made out of quality cottons and so forth, they also provide additional features to make the wearer more comfortable. Such as UV Cut---where there is UV protection in the material so you can go under the sun without having to worry about your skin---, Dry Lux--where the inner wear is comfy, quick-drying and stretch--, and many more.
    In fact I bought a couple of hoodies from there during my trip and I can wear them in the summer without breaking a sweat! If they do manage to get wet, they dry quickly, don't fade and last in good quality for a long time. And its ideal for our unpredictable weather and temperature changes. Talk about catering to your customers!

    I also adore the way the arranged their store, the floor plan makes it easy to find things since they arrange it by style, season, color and collection. I think that one of the reasons why it draws in so many customers is because of how they fixed the store itself. Its just so customer friendly.

    Price wise it is very affordable for most of the things that are on the shelves, but for special items, limited editions and collaborations, they have a tendency to be a little more expensive. Otherwise, I wouldn't mind spending for a few bags of clothing.

    Be it a hat, a scarf or a bag, I hope you guys have fun scouting about UNIQLO!

    DECEMBER 2011~

    To view more of their products click the UNIQLO image below! ^^


    ~ Krisan

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Fashion II UNIque in a LO- Budget

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