Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Youtube II Cover / I Need a Boy (FULL)

    So I mentioned that I would be doing a full cover of Tae Yang's 'I Need a Girl' and I did, I actually was able to finish making the lyrics last night along with the Miss A cover. My fingers are now sore from playing guitar, because I haven't been playing for a long while.

    Here's my cover of the song:

    For those who are interested in my cover lyrics and want to do their own cover please make sure to credit me! It is very much appreciated!

    Original lyrics owned by YGE
    Cover lyrics by Krisan Jacomina

    I'm tired of being alone
    I'm sick of being single
    I think I need me a boy
    I need a boy like...

    Not afraid of being honest
    knows what he wants when he wants it
    I know he'll accept me
    Not the type to fool around when
    he doesn't know what I'm thinking
    He'll love only me

    On those nights when we go out and
    girls shamelessly hand him their phones
    He would be the type to decline them
    and when they ask he'll say 'I'm taken'

    Boy, I need a boy
    Perfect no matter what
    He just keeps giving me love
    Boy, I need a boy
    Baby I need you
    Boy, you need me too

    I need the type of boy who'll just wear jeans and a T-shirt
    The type of boy who'll eat anything even if it's just dessert
    He has his looks and his charms and he knows just how to use it
    This is the kind of boy I like (You know what I mean)

    He can play both being both bold and timid,
    its the teasing that keeps pursuing
    A perfect kind of love
    A connection beyond bounds
    And when we're together...
    You know what I'm talking about


    We've past playing games, sure it was great
    He has something but I gotta wait
    He keeps me on my toes, keeping me guessing, he knows what he's doing (oh yes)
    I need a boy, c'mon boys line at the door
    Be yourself, dont' think I don't know a thing
    Sure, I'll get someone worth my time (uhuh)
    Sweet kisses are part of the profile
    We'll do typical couple things
    Like holding hands and watching stars

    Did my heart suddenly race faster?
    Was my song only meant for you?
    You know, that nothing else counts, please listen,
    its because honestly you are the one who has stolen my heart

    Boy, I need a boy (Oh Yeah)
    Boy, I like you, I wanna make you mine
    Imma treat you right baby (Oh)


    Boy, I need a boy (Yeah) 2x
    You are the one I need
    Baby, I need you
    Boy you need me too

    Boy, I need a boy


    Click Tae Yang below to see the original MV of this song.

    I hope you guys enjoyed it!

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    ~ Krisan

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Youtube II Cover / I Need a Boy (FULL)

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