Friday, July 15, 2011

Music II Rainbow: Sweet Dreamer

    I was never a big fan of Rainbow (DSP Media), a girl group from the same company as Kara, but I was curious about them when their new music video came out about a week ago.

    The girls were multiplied on the screen as they moved around the bar / lounge in alternating white and black outfits. I like the part where a one of the girls start walking across the stage and she multiplies as she moves from one point to the next. It amused me so much that I replayed the video a few times.

    Here is where Ji Sook has 6 clones of herself~
    Here's another still of their multiplying act on screen.

    I liked their outfits. And the make up of a couple of the girls.

    The song was catchy and had some portions that got me going LSS at some portions, but I was a bit disappointed at the blending of their voices. You can easily hear the strong voices rivaling against one another in the chorus portions, and they also used a bit of Autotune ( which I think shadowed their real voices a bit at some points) . But, as dance songs go, the composition of the song was upbeat and easy to remember.

    Here's their MV Teaser

    SWEET DREAM Teaser
    by Rainbow
    [DSP Media]


    Here's the MV of Rainbow's New Single.

    by Rainbow
    [DSP Media]

    The video gave me ideas for portrait photography and I did it right after since I was in an artistic mood and all.

    Here's one of the three I did.
    I might make better ones later on though~

    Here's the post where the other two are [link].
    Buy their new album!


    ~ Krisan

    Note: Images Belong to their respective owners.
    MV taken from DSP Youtube Channel.

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Music II Rainbow: Sweet Dreamer

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