Wednesday, February 23, 2011


    It's not a surprise when most designer brand garments cost more than the 1K mark. For instance Proenza Schouler and Chanel handbags are always typically over $1000, as these are considered high-end. But when designers start creating pieces that are widely stapled as low-end and can easily be bought for $10 or less at Walmart, there comes a fine line between fashionably smart and seriously silly.

    Here are some of those ridiculously priced items:

    Balmain's Slashed army t-shirt, costing $1,625.00. A t-shirt with holes and rips that I can make with my own scissors or fingers --would you buy it? I wouldn't!

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    Pistol Panties' bathing suit, costing $2,986.00. Yeah it's made of 5,000 Swarovski crystals, but really? You can't even swim in this thing. It looks like a cross between a jockstrap and a bralette, not cute!

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    Michael Kor's infamous cashmere sweatpants, costing $995.00. It's more fitted and I guess stylish for a pair of sweatpants, but almost $1000?? There's a reason why sweatpants are called sweatpants..

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    Louis Vuitton's "Raindrop Besace Tote" for $1,960.00. This bag looks, moves, and sounds just like a trash bag. The only difference is the price tag. Oh, and leather straps.

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    Again, Louis Vuitton's "Tribute Patchwork Bag", costing a whopping $38,000-45,000. This is just plain silly, would anyone really buy this?

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    Would you buy any of these items?

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