Friday, February 25, 2011

Lessons (3k Race Report)

          Blogging is great and all, but  reporting back that you did not meet your goal is a little sad :(

      I really wasn't even  close, I didn't see my exact time because I was too busy sprinting it in and then dying, but it was well over 12 minutes.  Around 12:30 I think which is 1:15 ish over my goal. Official time isn't posted yet.

       I went out too fast, with an 80 sec 400 (5:20 pace), but it felt really easy at the time so I just went with it.  And then all moisture was sucked from my mouth and throat.  No joke that place is DRY.  I pretty much could not swallow.  I guess 9 years caused me to forget this little detail, along with what it takes to run a low-11 3k.

        I severely underestimated what it took to run 6 min pace for 2 miles and overestimated what kind of shape I was in.  Going in to this race I really had no idea what I could accomplish, so I shot for the moon and landed among the stars :)  My pace ended up being (I'm not sure exactly yet) around 6:30-6:40 and I'm not gonna cry about that.

      I'm considering it very productive training for my sub 20 5k :)

     And I gave possibly above 110%, given I could not keep anything down for the rest of the night.  I got sick immediately after and possibly not the greatest idea we stopped at a restaurant on the way to the train and well . . .

      I've also been hacking up a lung since I crossed the finish line and feel like I have Strepp throat. (from the dryness) 

    Really, I thought that this was a good idea??

      :D I am happy I did it though, the whole atmosphere was fun and it is good to know where I am physically, how much work I have to do and how much harder I am going to have to work for it.  I think I wanted it to come easy.  

     As they say, 
    "The will to win means nothing without the will to prepare."

    On a happy note, I found 15$ on the floor in Penn Station which covered my race entry :)

    Some Pics:

    All the running pics are blurry, I'm too fast for the camera ;)

    I'm leading here, but I didn't win.  Also I seeded myself in the 3rd heat.  The winner in the first heat ran LOW 10 minutes and made it look straight up EASY.  Most of the competitors were local college runners.

    It was really cool just being here again.

    Wall of Sneakers

       Some Lessons:
    ~Matt took a video, I am still swinging my arms across my body way too much (I did this in HS too).
    ~ I put too much pressure on my self;  goals are good, giving yourself anxiety for a week is not.
    ~ I do however want to achieve my goals so better training is needed, I think the warmer weather should help me get on my "A" game on :)

    Some Music:
       I only remember one song from my race and then a few other songs during the night that I though were good songs to run to.

    During my race: "Don't You Want Me"- Human League
    Other Songs: "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"- Cyndi Lauper
                          "Summer of '69"- Bryan Adams
                          "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go"- Wham -I would have loved to run to this one :D
                           "Always Something There to Remind Me"- Naked Eyes

        There were a bunch more and I can't even think of them right now, plus we didn't stay for the whole thing. 

      And there you have it, not quite the race report I wanted, but still a great night. 

       Now if I could get rid of this killer sore throat, hacking and stomach ache (still 12 + hours later) I'd be even happier.

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Lessons (3k Race Report)

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