Monday, February 28, 2011

Game Online Terbaru | Download Game Online Terbaru

    Online Game List Latest always sought after game online gamers. But do not be afraid to lie down now online gaming increasingly ubiquitous even always updated. 3bulannya there almost every new online game was released and also to download the latest online games can be downloaded for free. Even the latest online games are also many online games released from Indonesia aka Made in Indonesia. Well so we should be proud as an Indonesian citizen who could ciptain own game.

    Here is a list of the latest online games this year:

    • Avatar Land
    Do not be fooled see the name Avatar. This game is not game film adaptation of Avatar: The Legend Of Aang. Also not a game adaptations made by James Cameron film Avatar. Instead, web-based game that brought the concept of social networking for gamers. You do not have to bother to install anything as well because this game is played using a browser and accessed through the site

    • Requiem Online
    If you want to play a horror game, seems to be fit to play this one game. This MMORPG game does look a bit spooky because throughout the game will be lots of spooky monsters that are ready to confront.

    • Crazy Kart 2
    This game is a sequel of the game Crazy Kart, which carries racing game with characters who share a cute and adorable and funny cars. The concept of this sequel is not too much different from the original. Just a few additions only.

    • Online Granado Espada

    This includes the old games in Korea. The reason this game has been released since 2006 earlier, but this is the first time present in Indonesia. In terms of graphics are not as good as an online game today, but the game reportedly has its own uniqueness that is not owned by any other online games.

    • Luna Online
    This game is also still smell the smell of social networking. Many social activities could be done in it, even You can get a couple of the characters of others.

    To download the latest online games, we can download it for free. However, you should see the trial version of the online game first before you do the download games online. Okay congratulations collecting these online games are free or free ..

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Game Online Terbaru | Download Game Online Terbaru

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