Monday, February 28, 2011

Jack Kelly and the Coolest Track Ever

        All I can manage on this rainy Monday morning with both my boys back to school and work after a week off is randomness :) On a good note for this Monday, I get to read in my son's Kindergarten class later :D

    First some weekend training:
    Saturday: 4 mile run @ 8:10 pace 
    Sunday: 30 minutes stair running, lots of pull-up work (flexed hang and negatives), planks, push-ups, dips (I'm on an arm toning mission which will be posted about soon!)

    The only thing I have to say about the Oscar's is Yayyy Jack Kelly :)))

    18 yr old Christian Bale was by far my biggest childhood crush

     I could still watch this movie everyday, so so amazing :) and I think I need to put the soundtrack on my running playlist :D

    He was looking a bit older than his 36 yrs last night though
    The sexy accent makes up for it ;)

    I saw this on Matty, Run, Run's blog and had to share because I'm obsessed with it:

            COOLEST. TRACK. EVER.
             located in Elda, Spain

    My Playlist for yesterday's stairs, these 4 songs on repeat:
    Cameras~ Matt and Kim - I think this one got like 3-4 plays
    Club Can't Handle Me~ Flo Rida/ D Guetta
    Born This Way~ Lady Gags
    Love Like Woe~ The Ready Set- Was gonna stop running at 22 min, but this song x 2 got me to 30 :D

        I have over 250 followers. Why are you all here?  ;)  Anyway thanks for putting up with my awful writing, I'm truly flattered :)

    Blog things to come this week (hopefully):
    Feb. recap/ March goals
    Project Arms!
    BBM #7
    Cool Things that Need a Shout Out
    Random things that take up space in my head and need to get out :)

    Last: Today was/ is (maybe) gonna be long run (8-10) but it is pouring and thunder/lightning-ing.  So I haven't decided yet if I will go long on the tread or push it till tomorrow. I may BodyRock and short tread today.

       Have you seen the Newsies?  Were you as obsessed with it as I was?
       I think it is impossible to have seen it and NOT be obsessed with it.  I used to march around the playground (in 6th grade) singing all the songs and pretending I was a Newsie.  I got one other girl and one boy to do it with me, but I think the boy only did it because he had a crush on the other girl.

       Who were your childhood celeb crushes?
      Besides Christian "Jack Kelly" Bale: Taylor Hanson and Erik Von Detten (From Disney's TV Skater Movie, Brink!)  

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Jack Kelly and the Coolest Track Ever

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