Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Self-Indulgent Pre Race Pics

       I may lose a few followers with this post, but Race Outfit photo shoots have kind of become a ritual for me.   It helps me relax a little and feel confident, especially when I see my buff leg muscles :D

    What I'm wearing for my indoor track race tomorrow night:
    Not quite EMZ Abs

    Just call me the Speeding Zebra
    Happy,  Chris K. Manly?

       All kidding aside, tomorrow's outfit is kinda boring:

    It's weird running a track race without having a team singlet to wear.

    I meant to look like I was running, Not like I'm in a marching band :)

    Racing Muskles

    Or I may just wear this ;)

    I can't believe I'm posting the bikini pics, 'cause I looked at most of them and said,  "Uggghh I have a lot of work to do before Memorial Day Wknd."  But at the same time I think I look pretty fit, so there they are :)

    Garmin came yesterday!

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Self-Indulgent Pre Race Pics

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