Saturday, February 26, 2011

First Swim and Official Time

       Sooo I was pleasantly surprised with my official time: 12:19 (6:36 pace).  

       Surprised because I saw the clock ticking to 11 flat with 2 laps left (400 m) and as it was all a blur after that I figured around 12:30 (although I vaguely remember seeing the teens as I kicked it in, but I was in a fog and wasn't sure).  That means my last 400 was around 79! 

       This also means I BLEW UP (not in a good way!)  in the whole middle of the race :( .   I recall my first mile split around 6:11,  so my few laps after that must have been slow (comparative to the rest of my run).

        Also I am definitely faster in the shorter stuff than I was in HS, as I killed myself (in HS) to run a 79 400 (yeaa Chelle  NO 59 here :D) and my 800 PR was 2:39.  I think I could crush that one now.   In order to do better in the longer stuff,  continued endurance training and longer intervals are in the plan.

         Ohhh and I should of mentioned it sooner, THANK YOU for your awesome comments!!! I built this race up so much on here and in my head that it was really hard to report back with less than what I hoped.

       AND according to the site the meet went till 1 AM!!, We left halfway through the men's 3000, a little after 8 I think?

    The line well after I had registered, they had to call women's 3k runners to the front bc they needed to get start.

           Last bit about the races, the top 10k relay went 22:25!! It was a 10 person relay where each team member ran 5 200 meter legs, but still that is SMOKIN!!  I would have loved to do that but  I didn't have a team :(  That and the last relay (they had 3 heats) went off on Early Friday Morning.

    On to yesterdays workout, I was actually really sad that my legs were not sore at all when I woke up, but I still have this nagging sore throat ( that started immediately after my race) and stomach-not-rightness.  

    My sister is home on LI this week (winter teaching break) and she asked me if I wanted to go swimming, YES!

    She joined New York Sports Club in her area and can use any of the NYSCs, so we went to the closest one and I used her guess pass.

             3 mile easy run at 8-8:30 pace
            FIRST SWIM SINCE SUMMER~ 600 m, nothing special, felt good but i DID feel it in my arms.  And this morning I'm feeling it in my arms even more :D
    Finished with some time in the sauna.

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First Swim and Official Time

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