Monday, February 21, 2011

Links I'm Loving Today

       There is a lot of awesome stuff going down in the blog world today, so I figured I should share some of what I am loving :)

    ~Melissa and Amanda both rocked the burpees videos yesterday (and they both kick my bootay with their burpees) Awesome girls :D   Tri-James also kicked trash. . . 43!!!

    ~ Austin (or Matt? Scott?)@ Enjoy the Ride is giving away some cool tri bike gear for newbies (first come, first serve!)

    ~ Through Austin's blog I found amazing triathlete Tawnee's blog.  I love her philosophy on combining strength training and endurance training

    ~ On the topic of strength/resistance training, RunnerDude has a GREAT core workout video on his blog today!

    ~  The famous Fitnessista posted a link about nominating health/fitness blogs for Women's Health Blogs We Love.  So if you have the time and want to give me a little blog love (and you think I'm deserving), I'd be very grateful if you'd nominated me.  Let me know if you want a nom as well :)

       That's all I can recall right now (wanted to get this up quick so my readers could have a chance at Austin's giveaway) if I remember something else in a bit I'll add it :)

       Okay one more thing: I found this amazing red pepper & eggplant bruschetta spread at the grocery store yesterday.  It is made by Marco Polo (I always get their jarred roasted red peppers).  I made a wrap with using it and some roasted red pepper slices, mozzerella and basil, it was so good I might have a repeat tonight!   

    *Mr. Whiney Manly has posted a very informative interview with Ultra runner Tim Twietmeyer.  Despite the fact that he begged me to link it ;), it really is pretty awesome.

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Links I'm Loving Today

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