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Dongeng Cinderella | Putri Cinderella

    Dongeng Cinderella – Princess Cinderella story is one of the most famous folklore in various of the world, even to be told even now still kapada children. To the extent Tale Cinderela reviewed or created in the benthic and the animated film Cinderella Cinderella. Canti princess Cinderella story or challenge that is often called a legend cindereela daughter is already a role model for parents in educating their children to have a good disposition like this Cinderella Once Upon A daughter.

    Cinderella fairy tale that comes from the Greek older year 1 BC. In this version, Cinderella is told bathing in the river, then stole the eagle sandals. But the Cinderella fairy tale is slightly modified but has a story similar studies. Reviewed Cinderella story by Charles Perrault, a French writer. In 1697, he wrote the story of Cinderella from the Middle Ages to become Cinderella fairy tales we know today.

    For more details, let us see the essence of the fairy tale Cinderella, please listen:
    Cinderella is a girl who lived with his mother and two of his half-sister. Every day, he must complete the household work as maids. One day, the prince held a dance party and bewitching fairy good-hearted Cinderella to appear like a princess with a beautiful gown and train kencana.Cinderella the prince's pretty amazing, they were berdansa.Sayangnya, Cinderella only have until midnight that saja.Setelah, fairy magic will be lost.

    He will be a shabby-looking girl back. When the clock struck 12 times, Cinderella left the prince. Glass shoes off, lying on the steps of the palace. Prince picked up the glass shoe and keep it. Prince who fell in love with Cinderella looking for the girl who can wear the glass slipper was left behind. Two Cinderella stepsister go try but their feet do not fit in these shoes. Cinderella go try a glass slipper on her feet turned out perfect.
    Prince bring Cinderella to the palace, they were married and lived happily ever after, happily ever after.

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Dongeng Cinderella | Putri Cinderella

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