Thursday, February 24, 2011

Peace Be The Journey

    I'm off to the city with my new tiny Adidas Backpack (I got it from Marshall's on Tues :)

    If this we're like most races I'd have been done 4 hours ago and not freaking out anymore.

    We're going in a little, but not to early were I end up walking around for hours.
     I would love for Nollie to be there, but we prob won't be home till 11 or after
    that's a little late for him so he's hanging out with Nanny, Pop Pop and the Cuz-ers

    Katie in Motion

    I'm gonna go with the though that as long as I know that I gave it 110% and I have nothing left when I cross that finish line, it's a success  :)

    In response to some I thought I would lose followers because taking 1000 pics of myself seems really self-absorbed (I guess it is; I prefer to think of myself as crazy), but I gained a follower :D  
    Thanks for all your comments
    I can't think straight, I'll thank you better tomorrow :)

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Peace Be The Journey

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