Sunday, June 5, 2011

Emo Haircuts Styles

    For Emo Haircuts Styles a developer with an oxidizing agent such as hydrogen peroxide is used. The alkalizing agent combines with the hydrogen peroxide and diffuses into the cortex  of the emo hair shaft, where it breaks down the melanin responsible for color and replaces it with whatever tinting agent has been used. You can use a  Emo Haircuts Styles kit which contains the bleach in powder form and the developer (hydrogen peroxide) that is added to activate the lightening process.
                        Emo Haircuts Styles #1
    To prepare the mixture read the instructions written on the kit. Based on the measurements on the kit, add the peroxide to the bleach a little at a time, stirring and squishing the lumps out. Make sure that the consistency of the mixture is neither too runny nor too thick.
                        Emo Haircuts Styles #2
    For application of the Emo Haircuts Styles your hair, wear your plastic gloves and tie a towel on your neck. Now section your hair using small claw emo hair clips. For Emo Haircuts Styles, remove the clip from one section and use the brush provided with the kit to paint the emo cut evenly on the hair. Clip the section once it is done. Once all the sections have been coated, place a shower cap over your hair and using a warm blow dryer warm the shower cap. This will help the emo hair dye develop more quickly.
                        Emo Haircuts Styles #3
    Leave on the bleach for 20 minutes or as specified in the instructions and then wash off. After rinsing off the emo wash your hair with a mild shampoo, to remove all traces of the chemicals. As emo hair can dry your hair, use a good quality emo hair conditioner to moisturize your hair.

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