Saturday, June 25, 2011

Prove Yourself

       I actually did end up working Thursday and Yesterday, both days were pretty cold, windy and rainy. . . and we had to make umbrella shelters to stay warm:

         I'm working everyday now till July 9/10th when I have that awesome training seminar in NYC, I'm super psyched about it!

         Work has been great so far, I love seeing everyone I haven't seen since last summer, I've been able to swim in the bay everyday, as well as run and lift while I'm there.  Lots of people have commented on how fit/ in shape I look, but there is one BIG thing that has left me very frustrated and been on my mind a lot lately:

        If you are not familiar with Long Island, the ocean beaches are on a thin barrier island:
    The bottom part that says Jone Beach/ Fire Island is were I work.

       So where I work there is the Atlantic Ocean on one side and The Great South Bay about 100 meters across the parking lot.  We are responsible for covering both sides with lifeguards.  Usually the newest guards cover the bayside, it is a smaller area and only needs 4 guards for the day.  When I first started in 2004 I worked the bay everyday, now I'm on my 8th year and have been working mainly the ocean for the past few years. . . BUT this year thus far I have found myself on the bayside more then the ocean.

        It was bothering me that maybe I did something wrong since they were putting me on the bay almost everyday so I confronted my boss about it.  I'd like to know if there is something I am doing wrong/ how I can improve.   

       So we discussed the issue and he said he was going by ability more than experience this year, which is fine I totally agree that faster, stronger swimmers/ runners should be on the ocean.  But I do NOT agree that I am at the bottom, not at ALL.  Yes there are younger guys who were HS swimmers or just very good swimmers in general who will beat me in a swim no matter how hard I work, BUT there are also guys that are not working the bay EVERY.  SINGLE. DAY. that I know I can beat in a swim.

        I brought up how hard I've worked all year to be in the best shape I could and to be able to hold my own against the guys here (I've mentioned it before but there are only 5 girls and about 60 guys here).   And my boss told me, " you'll have to prove it when workouts start on Monday."  I think they're severely underestimating me.

       Group workouts start this Monday and I'm still pretty pissed that I have to prove myself when everyone else is assumed capable.  BUT I CANNOT WAIT to destroy some people in the water!  CANNOT WAIT :D  I've been swimming here everyday about 600-800 meters in the bay and I feel strong and ready to PROVE MYSELF!  

        I also have a 5k on Sunday evening that a bunch of my coworkers are doing. . . and well . . .I'm gonna kick most of there asses in that as well :D  I think I have some extra motivation to go Sub-20 in this race, but I'm not sweating it. . . all out effort is what I'm aiming for.  and picking off the guys one by one ;)

      Have you ever been underestimated and felt or were told you had to prove yourself?

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Prove Yourself

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