Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Make Up II Volturi Twilight

    I was going through the mall with my mother and I ventured into the busy stalls of various make up brands. I took this time to see some new products that are out in the market.

    There was one particular stall that caught my attention, the funny thing is that it wasn't the sign that caught my attention but the make up products themselves. Perhaps the word "Twilight" was so visible that I was drawn to glaze over the merchandise out of pure curiosity.

    For all the "Twilight" fans out there this is the perfect pick-me up for you!

    Volturi Twilight

    Crown Metallic Mascara

    This mascara has volumizing and lengthening qualities as well as having a metallic finish on your eyelashes. The product comes in clear tubes so the color is visible, and has the Volturi insignia on it as well.

    Retail Price: $ 16 / PHP 690 per tube

    Available in 3 Shades:
    Black Knight - basic black with a flash of shimmer
    Silver-Plated- Glimmering silver
    Royal Blue- Regal navy

    Foreshadow Eyelid Primer

    This is a primer that is used over the eyes to ensure long lasting eye make up. It comes in a creamy silky champagne that goes on colorless on skin.

    Retail Price: $ 11 / PHP 475
    Labyrinth Loose Eyeshadow

    These are shimmer eyeshadow in stackable containers for your convenience.

    Retail Price: $ 9 / PHP 390 per jar

    Other available colors:
    Legend – glittering silver
    Lover – hot shimmering pink
    Myth – warm metallic pewter
    Frost – snowy white shimmer
    Beloved – iridescent baby pink
    Dusk – Deep metallic eggplant
    Dawn – Sparkling champagne

    Enrapture Lip Gloss

    Super sheer, vitamin e laced glosses in two absolutely yummy shades with just enough gold shimmer to do draw out the vampire in you.

    Retail Price : $ 12/ PHP 520

    Available in two shades:
    Obsess - A bright and hot magenta pink with light flecks of gold shimmer and a delicious raspberry scent.
    Arsenic - A sheer black that goes on clear and leaves a delicate gold shimmer on your lips with a light licorice scent.

    Immortal Liquid Body Shimmer

    Transform your skin with a hydrating body shimmer looking stunning and feeling immortally irresistible.

    Retail Price: $ 19 / PHP 820

    Available in 2 shades:
    Black Magic – sheerest black with subtle gold sparkle.
    Tainted Love – sheerest fuschia with a kick of hot pink shimmer

    Reign Scented Body Mist

    Beautifully sheer colored shimmering scents for your senses

    Retail Price: $ 18 / PHP 780

    Available in four scents:

    Wicked – Spicy cinnamon delight (cinnamon)
    Forbidden Fruit– woodsy fresh and fruity (sea green)
    Bella – warm, delicate vanilla(lavander)
    Romance – Fresh flowers (pale pink)

    I find the packaging quite amusing especially since most of it comes in clear tubes and containers. It makes it so much easier to distinguish what colors it is and spares time when we're all scrambling to find it in our bags. I found the mascara odd though, maybe its because there aren't a lot of mascara tubes that come in clear plastic.

    I like how they named the products to match the color and the line that they were in. It makes the link to the Twilight Saga franchise so more evident.

    Price wise the merchandise was priced reasonably, it isn't too expensive. This is a good thing since there are a good number of Twilight fans who fall under the teen and tween category. It becomes so much more affordable considering it is a novelty product of the Twilight series.

    To buy their products please visit


    Go to your nearest department store!

    ~ Krisan

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Make Up II Volturi Twilight

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