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Make Up II Luna Twilight

    I was going through the mall with my mother and I ventured into the busy stalls of various make up brands. I took this time to see some new products that are out in the market.

    There was one particular stall that caught my attention, the funny thing is that it wasn't the sign that caught my attention but the make up products themselves. Perhaps the word "Twilight" was so visible that I was drawn to glaze over the merchandise out of pure curiosity.

    For all the "Twilight" fans out there this is the perfect pick-me up for you!

    Luna Twilight

    Gleam Metallic Mascara

    These metallic mascaras subtly catch the light as they lengthen, volumize and condition each lash. Giving you luscious, magnetic eyelashes.

    Retail Price: $ 22 / PHP 950
    Available in three shades:

    Panther – Chrome Black
    Lapiz – Metallic Midnight Blue
    Mist – Gleaming Gunmetal

    Moonshadows Eyeshadow

    A gorgeous pairing of a high intensity color with an ultra smooth cream shadow that complements and highlights your eyes. Each shade comes in complementing eyeshadow and cream shadow.

    Retail Price: $ 20 / PHP 865

    Available in four shades:

    Fancy – Warm Taupe Shimmer Powder / Pale Pink Cream Shadow
    Bloom – Champagne Sparkle Powder / Nude Petal Cream Shadow
    Honey and Wine – Rosy Copper Powder / Rich Burgundy Cream Shadow
    Snow Storm – Deepest Gray Shimmer Powder / Snow White Cream Shadow
    Mortal Glow Blushing Creme

    A smooth blend of mousse and cream blush that glides on ones skin with a satin smooth flush finish.Each blush compact blends three distinct colors to create a “mélange” that forms a pattern unique to each individual blush.

    Retail Price: $ 22 / PHP 950

    Available in two shades:

    Adrenaline – warm and cool pinks blended
    Swoon – the ultimate trio of nudes

    Color Palettes

    The crowning jewels of the Luna Twilight collection these six palettes. Each of the palettes reflect an iconic character from the Twilight Saga, and each palette having a unique harmony of colors for lips, eyes and cheek.

    Retail Price :$ 28 / PHP 1220

    Six palettes available:

    Team Edward - This palette recreates the soft and sweet yet icy persona of Edward Cullen. Matte pink and periwinkle shadows are coupled with a luminous silver and sparkling jet-black for a smoky effect. Complimented with an iridescent shimmering pink gloss that doubles as a highlighter, this palette offers endless ways to recreate your look from day to night.

    Team Jacob - This palette offers an array of warm copper, amber, and sage shadows with the perfect consistency for smooth application. Paired with a radiating sun-kissed pink gloss, to make you as irresistible as Jacob Black.

    Bella – Soft and Subtle with nude shadows, warm nude blush, nude lipstick and the sheerest cherry red gloss.

    Victoria – Bold and Fiery with shimmering jewel-toned shadows and deep wine colored lipstick and gloss.

    Alice – Eclectic and Spunky with shimmering blue and silver shadows, rosy blush and sheer hot pink lips.

    Rosalie – Regal and Refined with peach toned shadows, a coral blush and apricot lipsticks and gloss.

    First Light Face Glow

    This face illuminator gives your skin a beautiful sheen you could almost be mistaken for an other worldly beauty.

    Retail Price: $ 24 / PHP 1 040


    First Light Body Glow

    A body shimmer makes your skin luminous, it could just about rival the marble like skin of the vampires.

    Retail Price: $34 / PHP 1 470

    Femme Fatale Lip Gloss

    Ultra luxe, longwearing lipgloss with ingredients Shea Butter and Argan Oil, making the lipgloss full of moisturizing goodness. The products range from sultry shimmering shades to opaque seductive shades.

    Retail Price: $20 / Php 865

    Available in ten shades:
    ’53 Chevy – Perfectly Sheer Red

    Fresh - Sassy hot pink
    Glass Slipper - sparkling Cinderella pink
    Surrender – Delicate Nude Pink

    Hush – Sunkissed Bronze
    Myth – Rich Berry Wine
    Drizzle – Translucent Silver Sparkle

    Kindle – Fresh Peach with Golden Shimmer
    Butterfly Kisses – Pink with Rose Sparkle
    Vapor – Sheer sparkling Pewter
    Just Bitten Staining Balm

    Silky smooth color balm that contain a cocktail of antioxidants, SPF, emollients and plant extracts, sweet almond oil and chamomile to name a few. All for kissable, healthy and bite worthy lips.

    Available in 4 shades:
    Eye Candy : Delicate Pink
    Lullaby: Freshest Peach
    Blush: Truest Red
    Rapture: Very Berry


    The packaging of the Luna Twilight Collection is very different from the Volturi Collection with the opaque and matte quality of the casing. I like how they had infused branches into the design, it adds to the mysterious quality the franchise already has. It comes looking more expensive than it actually sells for.

    The color palettes are one of the products that have a good market because of the characters they link the palette to and because you get so many different products in one portable compact.

    The just bitten staining balms and the creme blush are my favorite. You can use them everyday and they have benefits that are good for the skin.

    Imagine looking like them~

    Look at more products at


    Go to your nearest department store!

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