Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Art II Ink Highlights

    So I've done a few posts on tattoos~

    And I've been looking around the net, and glazed over some magazines and came upon some very interesting tattoos on celebrities.

    Apart from the special meaning the tattoos have to their owners, the location on which the tattoo is strategically placed is also intriguing and sexy at the same time.

    I say tattoos are sexy when you
    1~ have no idea where the tattoo is when clothes are worn
    2~ is placed in an unusual , and yet appealing part of the body
    3~ subtly peeks out to cause curiosity

    Megan Fox
    " There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart"

    It's hidden, it's witty and it makes her torso look great.

    "Too Fast To live, to young to die"
    "vita dolce moderato"

    They're straight to the point and i like where they're placed. Especially the one on his upper back.

    Maxene Magalona
    " la fille a papa"

    The font used is nice and dainty, plus the personal and sentimental value to the saying makes the tattoo more appealing to me. She got the tattoo after her father, Francis Magalona, passed away. Her tattoo means " Daddy's girl" in french.


    She may have a lot of tattoos but she sure does know where to place them. Most of her tattoos highlight different body parts.

    Victoria Beckham

    It makes me more curious, especially since it's going down her back. You wouldn't know how long it is unless you see the whole tattoo.

    David Beckham

    The place where he placed his tattoo is probably one of my favorite areas, it's inked the almost the whole vertical of his torso.

    Emily Browning
    " a blessed unrest that keep us searching"

    I think she got her tattoo after filming "Sucker Punch", she like the saying so much that she got herself inked.

    Jay Park

    Though I'm not entire sure what his says, I like how the tattoo spirals down his arm. It's dynamic.

    " My mother is the heart that keeps me alive"

    Having a tattoo above the shoulder blades makes off shoulder tops seem sexier than what they actually are.

    Angel Wings

    I like it since there isn't a lot of things going on so it's easy on the eyes.

    There are a whole lot more celebrities worth mentioning but right now its late and I'm beginning to feel sleepy.


    Its good to place a tattoo that will accentuate the particular body part, since having a tattoo there immediately draws attention. And if you have nice arms, legs, back and so forth, try getting a tattoo.

    If getting a real one isn't your thing , but you would still LIKE to have one--- There is always henna~

    ~ Krisan

    Note 2: The Images do not belong to me and are taken from google images and their respective owners.

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Art II Ink Highlights

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